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In One Year, Artie’s Express Became an Industry Leader

84,000,000 adults consume fast food every day, according to a recent study. In spite of their preferences or convenience, a third of Americans eat fast food every day. As consumers, we often overlook the business and operational aspects of quick-service restaurants. The fast food industry is booming.  There are more than 180,000 fast food outlets […]

Atlanta’s TRMNDS is Making Global Noise

Atlanta’s TRMNDS brings an eclectic energy to the speakers every time one presses play. The Georgia standout hasdone his homework studying the various genres across time allowing him to swerve in and out of lanes as hepleases. TRMNDS is able to bar up and flex his lyrical muscles on one track and then immediately belt […]

“YourownMusic” The Future of Marketing

“YourOwnMusic” has been helping independent artists get their music viewed and heard. In the beginning this promotional company was only available to an exclusive few, but as time went on and new music became so much more accessible to listeners, CEO Jake Shaw decided it was time to go public and present his brand and […]

Meet Rapper And Producer Legend Tha God

Rapper And Producer Legend Tha God Larry Grady aka Legend Tha God is a Rapper, Producer & Artist from Charlottesville Va. He has worked with Sports Illustrated for Kids, Nike, Def Jam, Sony Music, Universal and Nolimit. He got his start at the M.R.C. (Music Resource Center) in Charlottesville VA founded by Dave Matthews. He has been […]

The Starstruck Collection Emphasizes the Power of Passion

It has long been established by the success stories of numerous accomplished personalities and renowned authorities that passion plays an influential role in securing a coveted position at the pinnacles of one’s chosen industry. It serves as one’s most significant force that unleashes people’s abilities and enables them to succeed. In other words, passion has […]

Are Pellet Stoves Worth The Money?

Pellet stoves are an excellent choice for those looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to heat their homes. On average, a pellet stove will generate enough heat to warm a 3 bedroom house for 25% less than a conventional wood stove, making it a great option for those looking to save money on their […]

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