REV3AL: Addressing Web3’s Security Challenges and Safeguarding the Future of Digital Assets

REV3AL Web 3.0 Security

In an era where Web3 pledged transparency, privacy, and decentralization, unexpected cybersecurity risks emerged, leaving experts to question what went wrong. Additionally, early adopters found themselves as victims to early fraud attempts, potentially pushing away users from the next generation of internet technologies. Among them, Mo Kumarsi, Co-founder of REV3AL, sheds light on the vulnerabilities that have plagued the once-promising Web3 landscape, and what his firm is doing to stop it.

Nearly a decade ago, Web3 ignited hopes of freedom from tech giants, data sovereignty, and increased control over personal information. While it successfully tackled numerous issues, it simultaneously ushered in new threats that compromised digital assets, gave rise to counterfeit NFTs, and facilitated biometric authentication hacking.

Enter REV3AL, an organization dedicated to preemptively resolving these problems and ensuring peace of mind for users. Anchored by the REV3AL Security Portal, R3AL NFT Marketplace, R3AL 3DFA (Dimensional Security), and R3AL ME (Avatar Creation Portal), this pioneering venture is at the forefront of protecting the future of Web3.

R3AL 3DFA: Elevating Authentication Beyond Two-Factor Security

Initially, facial recognition served as a fortress of sorts, when coupled with authentication assets like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). However, the advent of deep fakes challenged this once foolproof technology, necessitating a novel approach to authentication. 

To address this, REV3AL conceived R3AL 3DFA, an innovative dimensional security platform that embraces a multifaceted authentication process. By amalgamating biometric face and voice recognition with geospatial object location, R3AL 3DFA establishes identity verification through ordinary objects like watches or glasses, adding an extra layer of transactional security.

In other words, the technology can identify the glasses on your face, combined with their position on your head, along with the distortion of the lens, all to act as a digital key that would prove difficult to hack, even with modern spoofing technologies.

R3AL NFT Marketplace: Showcasing Security

Even if you’re only slightly familiar with NFTs, then you know the space has seen it’s share of “rugpulls” and hacks that hurt buyers and gave NFTs a bad reputation. But with REV3AL’s technology using multi-modal authentication, and a focus on transparency and accountability, they’ve changed the narrative to give people a marketplace they can genuinely trust.

That’s why REV3AL launched the world’s first security-focused NFT marketplace — the R3AL NFT Marketplace. While not designed to compete with larger marketplaces, REV3AL designed this to showcase the capabilities of their tools, which could be used in the future in mainstream marketplaces. 

The way it works is simple: The R3AL NFT Marketplace integrates the REV3AL Security Portal to authenticate and verify each NFT. This means the system validates the uniqueness and originality of each NFT by adding a digital watermark, thereby preventing fake duplicates and counterfeits. As a result, it safeguards the artists’ (or creators’) art or digital assets from theft, duplication, or fraudulent re-uploading. This also inspires trust in the users, ensuring that the NFT they are purchasing is authentic and a genuine original. Think of it as a PSA rating for card collectors, or a GIA certificate for diamonds.

The R3AL Marketplace also uses REV3AL’s Security Portal API to make buying and selling NFTs simple. You can pay with a credit card, and the marketplace converts your dollars into crypto for you. All you need to get a crypto wallet on the platform is an email address.

You can try out the R3AL NFT Marketplace now using REV3AL’s token, called REV3L. REV3L is listed on big exchanges like PancakeSwap, Kucoin, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko.

R3AL ME: Ensuring Authenticity for Virtual Avatars

Virtual realms, blockchain games, and metaverses exemplify the thrilling future of immersive experiences. Yet, they also harbor risks of fake users, scammers, and counterfeit goods. REV3AL recognized the potential for security and authentication tools to reshape this landscape. The Avatar Creation Portal, aptly named R3AL ME, confers a “verified authentic” stamp to avatars and virtual items, addressing a fundamental challenge that hindered mainstream adoption of virtual worlds. With the assurance that encountered avatars and goods are genuine, users can immerse themselves in these environments with confidence.

REV3AL Security Portal: The Definitive Solution

At the heart of REV3AL’s arsenal lies the Security Portal, an application programming interface (API) empowering creators and blockchain projects to integrate REV3AL’s authentication technology seamlessly. This transformative solution fortifies users’ digital assets by providing encrypted IDs and employing REV3AL’s proprietary security software. 

The Security Portal’s universality across various blockchain platforms positions REV3AL as the guardian of security across a plethora of projects, ranging from NFTs and decentralized finance (DeFi) to metaverses. By simplifying the integration of authentication technology, REV3AL aims to establish a new benchmark for security in the realm of digital assets.

The Next Stage: REV3AL Acquires DRIVENecosystem

Supercharging it’s growth, REV3AL recently acquired DRIVENecosystem, enhancing their suite of products, and deliver more powerful, real-world solutions for businesses. It’s now clear REV3AL has established a new security benchmark in the digital assets realm, reinforcing its commitment to safeguard the future of digital ownership and Web3 technologies.

While Web3’s vision centered on decentralization, privacy, and transparency, it also introduced unanticipated security challenges. Through their unwavering commitment to safety, accountability, and user protection, Mo Kumarsi, Adam Russell, and the REV3AL team supply the essential infrastructure and trust mechanisms required for virtual environments, blockchains, and digital ownership to realize their full maturity. 

For any platform built on the promises of Web3, REV3AL’s solutions serve as the stepping stones needed to reach these goals. Discover more about REV3AL, and access their suite of tools and resources by visiting or following them at @Rev3alTech on Twitter.

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