Saturday, November 27, 2021


Poldi’s Ready For Changing Up the Rap Scene

Rap newcomer Poldi from Germany wants to use his music to share his opinions on important real-world topics. From listening to Poldi and what he stands for, it is clear that he is not just saying these things for the image purposes, but he is genuinely carrying this message with his music. One of the ways in which he wants to be different compared to many of the mainstream rappers is that he wants to engage with his audience on a much deeper level, exploring topics that...

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We would like to invite you to the unveiling of "Liberty” -- a mural of hope that lights up the heart of downtown San Diego. Russian-born pop-surrealist Evgeniya Golik's 2018 vision of America is reimagined for 2021. She was first inspired to create the piece as a reflection of the diversity she experienced when she immigrated from Russia to San Diego. At the time, "Liberty" became a goddess that embraced all walks of life under her wings ... creating a sense of unity, equality, and freedom of expression...

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Christopher Hughes: ‘MintWP Helped Manage Several WordPress e-Commerce Stores Amidst The Pandemic’

It’s more important than ever to migrate online during the COVID-19 pandemic... Often, this is the only way that customers can engage with businesses right now. MintWP, founded by Christopher Hughes, has helped several businesses cope with the sudden change brought on by COVID-19 through his company MintWP. From establishing WordPress websites from scratch to maintaining and upgrading them, Christopher and his team are masters of their trade. The pandemic resulted in a massive influx of online traffic. Christopher added, “We helped e-commerce stores cope with the...

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Creating a Successful Business with Louis Albanese, Founder of Amazon Freedom

Success does not happen overnight, and Louis Albanese knows all about what it takes to succeed. After launching his business just a year ago, he has earned himself the record of creating clients who have seven-figure Amazon stores. He shares the most important tips that he either was told or acquired throughout his life with all that he has learned.  Here are some tips to achieving success from one of the most successful people on Amazon for all aspiring entrepreneurs.   Louis Albanese started with one goal in mind:...

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How to Grow on Social Media Using Top Quality Content with Andrea Vetrano

Since forever, Andrea Vetrano was very passionate about traveling. He used to travel to various locations and exotic destinations. His connection with nature itself is very deep and he believes that luxurious holidays go hand in hand with an eco-friendly system. All this topics were brought to life through his Social Media channels and that attracted 300.000 followers. The beginning of a new life What was the main factor that changes his life? Well, from a traveler to having your own business and becoming an influencer was...

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What It Takes To Count To The USA’s Top Aesthetic Medicine Practicians

Elizabeth Sommers is among the States' top 1% aesthetic injectors. Her aptitude for the profession branches from her interest in art and science. Sommers possesses a unique set of skills that distinguishes her from others and puts her among the top selection. The esteemed beauty nurse offers Botox, Dysport, and Jeuveau as aesthetic injections to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. She can inject them around your lips, chin, forehead, or eyes areas with optimum precision. It’s one of the most prominent treatment options. Through her brilliance, the...

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Getting To Your Rightful Place – Jowy Cenat

Many people tend to go through life while passively learning lessons now and again – which is the most basic recipe for failure. Motivation is a big factor when it comes down to actively seeking lessons to be learned in a healthy manner, as well as putting all of your newly acquired knowledge AND skills into your ultimate goal. Biggest Lessons – What Has Been Learned During his lifetime, Jowy has learned that the only way to get the things which you desperately wish for done in...

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Mindset Advices From Belgian Serial Entrepreneur Maxime Hinnekens

It is always easier to start something when you know that this is your biggest passion. And it's often said that “if do what you love, you'll not work one single day in your life”. Maxime Hinnekens was sure about his career path when he was only 15. He knew that his mindset would have been the key to his success and ultimately, his happiness. It all starts with knowing ourselves fully. But this is easier said than done. Especially at a young age when we are...

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Remember The Story About The Army Veteran Who Is Living In His Car?

An instagram post went viral in around the year 2015 about a man who was living in his car and had $3 in his bank account. He was an army veteran, now homeless but not on the verge of giving up. After going through so many hardships, he wasn’t ready to give up. The post reached out to 200,000 people and landed him a job as a professional dancer. But that was just the start as he ended up becoming a professional model before finally starting his...

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Magical Madrid – A Walk With Daniel Valledor

Street photographer Daniel Valledor is set out to capture the stories of the real world through his camera. It isn’t the fancy, digitally enhanced editorials. Nor is it modern content creation with a staged shot that seems to be natural. If it isn't genuine, it isn't for Valledor. For his quest, Daniel has filled himself with the right gear. At first, he used digital cameras, but the ease of settings, ratios, pre-sets, and most importantly, reviewing, weren’t something he wanted. The thing is, he isn’t enforcing a...

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