Thursday, February 25, 2021


Getting To Your Rightful Place – Jowy Cenat

Many people tend to go through life while passively learning lessons now and again – which is the most basic recipe for failure. Motivation is a big factor when it comes down to actively seeking lessons to be learned in a healthy manner, as well as putting all of your newly acquired knowledge AND skills into your ultimate goal. Biggest Lessons – What Has Been Learned During his lifetime, Jowy has learned that the only way to get the things which you desperately wish for done in...

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Always A Step Ahead – Rei Prendi Is A Pioneer Of Digital Marketing

A fast paced industry lives of constant agility and foresight. Rei Prendi knows well, that experience is not the only virtue to rely on in social media marketing, no matter how successful you have been. If ten years ago, you were told that Social Media would dominate the internet and dictate all the trends, it wouldn’t have been possible to believe it. Today, you acknowledge it’s potential. These platforms have evolved to be a part of our lives, a virtual one, but it feels real. New content...

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Simon Alex And His Blinding Success In The Music Industry

Simon Alex is a brilliant producer, manager and consultant – but he’s also an overall brilliant person! With a mentality of “get out of your comfort zone” for progress and a mindset consisting of “there’s always something you can learn”, Simon is able to help both his career as well as the career development of his clients in the incredibly wide global music industry! Simon Alex is a brilliant producer, manager and consultant – but he’s also an overall brilliant person! With a mentality of “get out...

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The (green) construction dreams of a 25-year-old entrepreneur

The (green) construction dreams of a 25-year-old entrepreneur

"Someone said: 'Do what you love and you won't work a single day of your life'. I think my first passion is work, I deeply love what I do ". Since the age of 12, Nunzio Yari Cecere, born in Naples in 1994, has clear ideas about his plans for the future: he wants to become an entrepreneur, build and sell innovative homes for families. “Since I was a child I have always had a particular attraction towards cranes and construction sites, I tried to observe all...

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Entrepreneur scientist Serguei Beloussov’s war on hackers: Goldman Sachs is also betting on his tech giant

Before building a cyber protection technology empire, Serguei Beloussov founded two dozen companies around the world. Meanwhile, he had been a scientist, studying physics and electronic engineering, and getting a doctorate in computer science. But since he was a student, the Russian-born entrepreneur but a Singaporean citizen had cultivated his passion for business, selling shoes in the Soviet Union, creating a platform that helps students pass university entrance tests, starting a company that assembles and sells computers. Today, he heads up IT security company Acronis, which just...

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Franco Pepe, the number one pizza chef in the world: “This is how I became an entrepreneur of quality”

In early June, President Sergio Mattarella awarded him the honor of Knight of Merit of the Republic for having distinguished himself in community service during the coronavirus emergency. He closed his restaurant preparing pizzas and biscuits for the poor and the elderly in difficulty and organized a fundraiser for the Caserta hospital. But the epic of the master pizza maker Franco Pepe, patron of the pizzeria Pepe in grains in Caiazzo, had begun much earlier: starting as a child with his father and brothers in the shop...

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How to Grow on Social Media Using Top Quality Content with Andrea Vetrano

Since forever, Andrea Vetrano was very passionate about traveling. He used to travel to various locations and exotic destinations. His connection with nature itself is very deep and he believes that luxurious holidays go hand in hand with an eco-friendly system. All this topics were brought to life through his Social Media channels and that attracted 300.000 followers. The beginning of a new life What was the main factor that changes his life? Well, from a traveler to having your own business and becoming an influencer was...

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2020 Sounds Exciting For South Jersey’s Music Scene

When Joey Luxx dropped his debut album ‘Space Tape, Vol.1’ earlier this year, we didn’t  really expect anything like the atmospheric sound journey coming from the Atlantic state scene. Now that we are prepared, his new single goes straight into the rotation. The independent artist definitely caught us off guard when he released his long player this summer. Not only because this wasn’t exactly what we would have expected from the South Jersey rapper, but also because it was simply really good. An overall production that didn’t...

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From Work-Out Ethic to Work Ethic with Sean Pandya

Working out and having a dedicated fitness regimen has its benefits be it physically,  mentally, and to boost health morale as a whole.  No one can deny that.  However, one not so apparent and “hidden” perk is that it can boost one’s work ethic.  That may initially come off as an uncanny parallel to draw in the sand.  After all, where are the similarities?  However, Sean Pandya, who is the CEO of Amcon Consultants Inc. and business owner and founder of Sean Pandya Enterprise, demonstrates that parallel...

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The Apple Promise – No Emission Before 2030

After Amazon and Microsoft, Apple also announces its plan for sustainability. Objective: to achieve zero emissions at every level of the company, of the supply chain and of the product life cycle by 2030. 20 years ahead of the United Nations climate targets. "By committing ourselves to becoming a zero-impact company, we hope to give a signal capable of large-scale change," said CEO Tim Cook announcing the plan. "Businesses have a great opportunity to contribute to building a more sustainable future by leveraging our common concern for...

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