From Work-Out Ethic to Work Ethic with Sean Pandya


Working out and having a dedicated fitness regimen has its benefits be it physically,  mentally, and to boost health morale as a whole.  No one can deny that.  However, one not so apparent and “hidden” perk is that it can boost one’s work ethic. 

That may initially come off as an uncanny parallel to draw in the sand.  After all, where are the similarities?  However, Sean Pandya, who is the CEO of Amcon Consultants Inc. and business owner and founder of Sean Pandya Enterprise, demonstrates that parallel with impressive precision.  Both the companies he works for work in regards to the engineering and architectural plans for building construction for clients.

  SP Enterprise specifically tailors and specializes in the medicinal Cannabis industry.  Both business endeavors have been super successful and not to mention, lucratively profitable.  Through his entrepreneurial journey, there has been one constant to pinpoint.  Sean Pandya is an avid fitness and workout fanatic.  His diligence at the gym has translated to diligence in the workplace.

 Starting as a teenager, Pandya first discovered his love and passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and hitting the gym.  That is one constant that has stuck with him as a staple ingredient in his lifestyle leading up to where he stands as a successful boss and businessman today in 2021.  Before becoming a major player in the entrepreneur world, in his days starting out, Pandya actually took on a self-employment job as a personal fitness trainer since he was skilled and well-oriented in that arena.  However, he has long since moved past that to pursue bigger things with his work at Amcon Consultants Inc. and SP Enterprise.  But with each day, he makes it a point and emphasizes upon dedicating at least one hour daily to working out.  Due to his busy schedule, his workouts do not always align at the same time but no matter what, whether he can squeeze in a session in the wee morning hours or at night after a long day, he gets it done. 

 Workout out and exhibiting such dedication to the gym has had its aesthetic benefits admittedly.  His sculpted physique is one of his prides and joys and he enjoys showcasing it via his Instagram presence for his 23 thousand and counting followers to admire.  It is testament to all of the hard work and weight he has pulled at the gym.  However, looks aren’t the only perk that Pandya has enjoyed as a result of maintaining an active lifestyle.

“I have a very competitive nature, and I am my own biggest competitor.  When I want something, I push for it very hard.  This translates over from business to fitness.  I have worked hard for the years to achieve this physique, while I have also worked very hard to earn my CEO status.”  Those are the words of the man, Sean Pandya, himself.  Working out has given him the self-discipline and morale to push through obstacles and that has evidently translated impeccably outside of the gym and into his life and workplace.  In this sense, Pandya has used gains at the gym to get gains in the bank and with impressive finesse one might add as well.          

 It is true that exercise will give one the muscle gains and that is usually one of the first, initial thoughts that comes to mind when starting out as it is a rather apparent perk.  However, next time, one considers getting on their fitness grind, take it from Sean Pandya and consider the not so apparent perk: a good work ethic as another potential gain as well.  To keep up with Sean Pandya, follow his social media handles: Facebook and Instagram .

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