Why Are Slavic Hair Wigs & Hairpieces So Desirable?

Did you know that wigs and hairpieces using hair sourced from the Ukraine and surrounding areas, are among the most highly prized and sought-after in the world?

Slavic hair bundles are exported all over the globe, but countries and regions in which it is most popular, include Europe, the UK, Australia, and North America. With limited hair available from the Slavic region, wigmakers scramble to buy it before their competitors, and if you want to buy something that has been expertly craftedand looks wonderfully natural and glossy, you should search for awigmaker who can offer you a Slavic wig or hairpiece.

But what exactly is it that makes Slavic hairthe gold standard for luxury wigs and hairpieces?

Experts in the hair industry often refer to this type of hair as being ‘Russian or Ukrainian Gold,’ and over the years, it has come to symbolize everything that is beautiful and luxurious in the hair extension and wig world. Soft, lightweight, and incredibly shiny, Slavic hair strands are known to last longer (due to their increased strength) and have higher levels of elasticity. They are also uniform in length, with each strand having neat and even ends.

If you can find a natural blond Slavic wig or hairpiece, lucky you, as these are extremely rare and even more highly prized. Generally, though, they are found in varying shades of brown and black.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the main features that make Slavic hair ideal for wigs, extensions, and hairpieces:

  • It’s durable

Able to withstand procedures such as straightening, dying, curling, and various other methods of styling, Slavic hair is strong and not prone to drying out.

  • It’s always soft and silky

Thanks to its natural origin and the gentle way in which it has been treated, when you wear Slavic hair, you won’t want to stop touching your soft, silky, and voluminous wig.

  • It’s of a very wearable thickness

With Slavic hair naturally being of low to medium thickness, hair extensions and wigs made from it tend to be lighter and more comfortable to wear.

  • It comes in a variety of colours

Blond Slavic hair is pretty rare and much more expensive; generally,you can find it in colours such as brown, black, and chocolate

  • It can be of any structure

You’ll find Slavic hair wigs that are curly, straight, or wavy

  • It’s long-lasting

With appropriate care, a Slavic hair wig can last for two to five years.

Is your Slavic hair the real deal?

When shopping for wigs and hairpieces made from virgin Slavic hair, it’s not uncommon for unscrupulous manufacturers and sellers to market a wig as being of Slavic origin, when in fact, the hair is from a completely different region and may not be of such high quality. This usually happens as a result of not being able to meet the high demand for Slavic hair, and while you might not be an expert in knowing exactly where hair has come from, you can be sure that you’re getting the real deal by shopping with a reputable company who are willing to provide you with proof as to the origin of every wig and hairpiece they sell.

It’s important to note that while Slavic hair is highly sought after – and with good reason – there are many other high-quality products that wig and hairpiece wearers can choose from. With the right guidance from an expert wigmaker, you can walk confidently and proudly out of the store, sporting a magnificently natural and comfortable head of hair!

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