Serial Entrepreneur Will Basta Elevates the eCommerce Industry with Ascend Ecom

Will Basta

The meteoric rise of eCommerce has become a lucrative opportunity for passive income. Numerous investors have established their own revenue streams through the emerging platform, but a vast majority of the companies offering it have become incredibly unreliable. A clear lack of vision, leadership, and ethics has become rampant in the eCommerce space, leaving investors in the dust. Fortunately, Ascend Ecom introduces an innovative approach to the eCommerce industry. Helmed by Will Basta, the company has found tremendous success in such a short amount of time.

Ascend Ecom is a logistics company, wholesale distributor, and eCommerce growth agency seamlessly blended into one powerful enterprise. The thriving company builds and operates sustainable passive income that yields digital assets for investors within the eCommerce space. The company primarily operates on massive platforms such as Walmart and Amazon, undisputed leaders in the world of eCommerce that have brought countless opportunities to solid investors.

Founder and CEO Will Basta has been leading the charge towards a better eCommerce industry for five years now. Equipped with over a decade’s worth of experience in the tech industry, he brings an impeccable brand of leadership to his niche. Through Will’s breadth of expertise, his company has built a highly competitive infrastructure, set of values, and an incomparable business model that sets it apart from the rest.

“We are the first and only company to actually be a product wholesale distributor and a logistics company as well as an ecommerce automation company. We exclusively run a hybrid business model for sourcing products and have two Ascend warehouse facilities. We do not outsource any part of our business,” explained Will Basta.

Noticing a massive gap in the eCommerce industry, Will Basta established Ascend Ecom two years ago to bring back efficient leadership, operations, ethics, and proper execution to the eCommerce industry. Ultimately, the visionary serial entrepreneur aims to legitimize the automation space by providing long-term value to their partners and investors. “We want to lead with transparency, innovation and sustainability,” he added.

Apart from his business acumen, what truly sets Will Basta apart is his personal values of positivity, gratitude, and a focus on relationship building. He has made sure to overcome whatever challenge he currently faces with a positive outlook, always hoping to build strong business relationships along the way. Ascend Ecom’s short-term goal is to deliver innovative initiatives for its clients’ businesses, allowing them to drive revenues, generate more sales, and accelerate their ROI. 

In the long term, Ascend Ecom envisions expanding its offerings outside of eCommerce. Will Basta wants to truly leverage his company’s client base to develop more investor-focused programs, potentially in real estate and beyond. As a leading real estate investor and venture capitalist, Will Basta has set up his company to efficiently assist clients in launching, operating, and scaling their profitable digital assets in the world of eCommerce.

Despite the massive impact that he has already applied to the eCommerce industry, Will Basta is adamant about expanding his horizons and eliciting his value in other industries. He is currently developing an eco-luxury rental brand, and real estate portfolio, with the project’s first phase focused on Venice Beach, California. 

Will Basta is always on the lookout to expand his real estate portfolio. The outstanding entrepreneur is also deeply invested in developing a restaurant and real estate overseas. He is also invested in an independent film which is set to begin filming this fall. Overall, the firebrand go-getter is pulling out all the stops, accruing immense value and generating success for himself and those around him.

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