Men’s Grooming Guru, Charlie McCoy on becoming New York City’s hottest Master Barber

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Charlie McCoy has indeed become a force to be reckoned with across several industries. Ever since he launched his brand back in 2017, Charlie has continuously gathered a wide array of clients, ranging from CEOs and entrepreneurs to artists and celebrities.

Charlie McCoy is a Master Barber whose entrepreneurial mindset has results in him establishing two successful businesses in New York City. Both of his businesses are barbershops and salons, and have become the go-to place for a haircut for a growing clientele.

Artisan Barber, a unisex luxury salon in the Upper East Side and Orchard & Ludlow in the Lower East Side have continued to become increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. As a Master Barber who has spent years working for L’Oreal’s Kiehl’s Since 1851 before venturing out on his own, he was able to hit the ground running by taking his most loyal clients with him.

What Charlie was able to do is establish a community around his businesses. He did this with the help of local artists living in the area where his barbershops were located. Today, his salon Orchard & Ludlow doubles as an art gallery that showcases some extraordinary collaborations with artist, musicians, chefs and other creatives. Charlie and his team also produce original content on the Brands YouTube Channel.

As many businesses are struggling due to COVID-19, Charlie has seen the opposite. His businesses are thriving, and he’s been able to keep the momentum going. In fact, this year, he has launched three new brands in the haircare and beauty industry.

One of these is Artisan Luxury Brands, which is a consumer goods company functioning as the parent company to Artisan Barber, Orchard & Ludlow, and his two other new brands called Blu Ambr Cosmetics and Duke & Hyde Grooming.

The creation of these brands was Charlie’s way of taking what he already had as a Master Barber with deep connections and experience in the industry,and creating more with it. He sees all the success he has had as the universe’s way of rewarding him and letting him know it’s pleased with how well he has navigated the pandemic.

Looking forward, Charlie wants to continue to expand beyond NYC. He eventually plans to have franchised salons and barbershops across the US. Charlie wants others to know that anything is possible, as long as you apply yourself and recognize the immense opportunities that exist for you.

You can head over to Artisan Luxury Brands to learn more about Charlie and his thriving businesses.

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