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jowy cenat

Many people tend to go through life while passively learning lessons now and again – which is the most basic recipe for failure. Motivation is a big factor when it comes down to actively seeking lessons to be learned in a healthy manner, as well as putting all of your newly acquired knowledge AND skills into your ultimate goal.

Biggest Lessons – What Has Been Learned

During his lifetime, Jowy has learned that the only way to get the things which you desperately wish for done in any way, shape, or form would be to take action as soon as possible, unless you’re willing to miss the opportunity to achieve your hopes and dreams!

His favourite quote happens to be “A vision without action is merely a dream”, which does very much foretell of oncoming doom in regards to anyone’s dreams should they refuse or simply fail to take action as soon as possible. Taking a hold of the reigns over something as big and personally important as a vision is certainly hard to do, but Jowy believes that virtually everyone can do it should they have the access to even the most basic of resources.

For example, ever since he was a young boy, Jowy was a passionate piano enthusiast – but he never actually played it up until recently! It really wasn’t until he started taking consistent actions, journaling work AND well-made decisions that he was able to start making some real progress when it came to playing the piano beautifully.

Piano Practice – Makes Perfect

Yet another goal that Jowy had set for himself since he was young would be being able to play the piano in the public eye – which can never be easy, especially with all those people looking at you do it. Years ago, such things were mere dreams – not even visions! Yet, once he got himself to take action, handle the reigns of his dream-bound horse and actually practice to the point of extreme pleasantness, the dream became a vision, and it is now a reality!

Although many people are aware of the fact that practice makes perfect in pretty much all fields – be they hobbies or careers – not many are actually aware of the amount of effort that gets put into said practice, which can cause them to ultimately give up on their own dreams. However desirable or otherwise, practice is very much needed for success – which is exactly why Jowy has decided to practice and practice until he got to the point of being able to reach out and lightly grasp his goals!

Future Of Music – Hopes And Dreams

Although many people have their hopes and dreams dead set on massive financial success, Jowy prefers to take it one step at a time, and he is now hoping to apply and be able to get into a reputable graduate program for occupational therapy!

Yet another of his future goals happens to be helping like-minded creative entrepreneurs achieve their OWN personal goals through the power of his experience, knowledge AS WELL AS through his very own compassion! Helping others is something that not many do, especially in the music industry – yet Jowy is one of the few musical artists who have chosen to take it upon themselves and help the newbies of the field grow as much as possible!

While competition is often disliked and even dreaded by some, helping out your fellow entrepreneurs is something that everyone should try and do, no matter who they are and what past experiences they might have had – after all, in an industry about as big as the music industry, artists only have one another for support.



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