Getting to Know UK’s Leading Music Producer – Patrick Osei

patrick osei

Patrick Osei is a British music producer, composer, instrumentalist, and songwriter with nearly 20 years of experience in the music industry. His stage name is Hot Money, and today in this article we would be talking about the brief history of Patrick Osei (stage name Hot Money) and how he began his music career.

Hot Money is a London based music producer, composer, and songwriter, he is also an audio engineer and entrepreneur. He began his music career in the year 2001 after his first official recording contract. He came into the limelight with hit lists like Deep down and stump. After about 2 years of a sensational entry into the music industry, he made a household name for himself among UK garage and Grime. He is a well-trained instrumentalist, able to play the keyboard. He was trained by one of the UK’s most remarkable and skillful keyboardists named Margaret Mason at a tender age of about 7years old.

After about 3 years of some success (which officially began in 2001) in the music industry precisely the year 2004, he decided to retreat from the spotlight, went on a musical break during which he learned more about the entrepreneurial perspective to music and returned in the year 2008 which was 4 years after to establish a recording studio which he named Hot money studio. Hot Money studio deals in the production of beat and recording of music. Hot Money studio is devoted to promoting young musical talent in the UK while attracting big names in the UK’s music industry. It initially started as a small brand that borrowed equipment for use but later developed into a well-known brand in the UK. Hot money is an ambitious hardworking and dedicated musician who believes in hard work over talent and that everything required for success should be given to it because pains resulting from the struggle for success are only temporal and that it would always be forgotten. Hot money believes as his core values hard work, Focus, and Discipline.

His ability to focus combined with the power of discipline and hard work has made him one of the UK’s most successful musical entrepreneurs with Hot money being featured in the top 40 UK hit record in the mainstream with many other achievements. Focus and discipline have made him a goal-getter. He personally attributed focus, discipline, and hard work as the reason behind his success in the music industry and also the success of the Hot Money studio. As an ambitious entrepreneur, he aims to build a great music beat company that would specialize in selling beats to artists around the world, which he hopes to achieve in the nearest future. This he believes he can achieve as long as he lives because every day he believes victory can be achieved and that a new day is an opportunity to win and get better in what you do.

Since 2008, Patrick Osei has dedicated his life, energy, and resources to building Hot Money studio. He believes in the incredible power of looking up to people to draw inspiration and motivation in pursuit of success in life, he particularly looks up to his dad Elon Musk a powerful industrialist, and Garry Vee. These are the people he draws Is inspiration and motivation from that keeps him going and stirred up for career success in the music industry. He hopes to turn Hot Money studio into a 7 digit revenue brand in the nearest future. In May 2020, he released his first instrumental album that was titled “UK takeover vol 1”

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Twitter: @hotmoneystudios

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