How Starbank Plans to Conquer the NFT World


Starbank ventures in a way that is far different from the classic methods and notions whether it’s Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Cryptocurrency Mining, or fighting for nature. The traditional approach has confined the thought of humans to only their race and planet, even if they talk about saving nature.

Starbank claims that the way we define the value of NFTs is entirely wrong and it undermines their value, so they plan to launch the most valuable NFTs in history. These NFTs will not only be setting an example of what the actual worth of an NFT is, but also, Starbank claims that their collections will be more valuable than any others on the market today (because their collections will sell for the most).  With several collections, we cannot wait to see what Starbank is launching! NFTs are valued for their quantitative analysis in the name of rarity or scarcity which rather should be based on the qualitative analysis focusing on one word: “why”.

That one word, “why”, is the sacred mission for the Starbank team as they set on to end parasitism not just for humans, not just for Earth, but at a universal scale. It just makes us admire their forward-thinking and foreseeing of the future beyond the definitive capacities. They plan to protect not just life but consciousness itself.

Back in the Cold War the IDA motto was “Bad idea is good; Good idea is terrific; No idea is bad”. The cryptocurrency world is notorious for always rewarding cryptic concepts and has lacked quality competition especially in the domain of NFTs. With Starbank NFTs’ arrival, the motto will be proven wrong as they serve the universal cause of the fight against parasitism.

Starbank is all set to launch its collection of NFTs on December 02, 2021. The most valued NFT collections as claimed by Starbank itself will prove a breakthrough in the world of cryptography and will redefine the sense of ownership of digital assets as they gain value. 

The NFT collection by Starbank will be available for sale in two categories:

  1. Biding Based NFTs (50% of the entire Collection): They will be offered in an online auction where the potential buyers can open a bid on these NFTs and the one with the highest bid wins the ownership.
  2. Set Price NFTs (the other 50% of the Collection): The price of these NFTs will be set by the Starbank team and these NFTs will have the fixed price.

Starbank seems to be a promising project with many potential gains as its ecosystem grows. Besides the monetary gains, the idea of fighting against parasitism at such an extended level puts Starbank on the list of my personal favorites.

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