The Path That Led a Nineteen Year Old to Millions: The Story of Brandon Nguyen

The Path That Led a Nineteen Year Old to Millions: The Story of Brandon Nguyen

Ecommerce has gained a lot of popularity, especially in recent years as the physical realities of the world are shifting into the virtual universe.  It has given many the opportunity to strike big bucks but it is also rather competitive.  One individual that has struck gold so to speak and is scaling his way to the top is Brandon Nguyen.  He runs his very own business called Yengub.  Just within his first year of delving into eCommerce, he generated a million dollars in income.  The consecutive year, he multiplied that income by ten as he racked up a whopping ten million.  It’s safe to say that his eCommerce endeavors have been rather fruitful and it leaves one to wonder what precisely led him down this path.

Just Like The Others

As Nguyen’s trip to memory lane has it, some may find it a bit unconventional.  Like the majority of his peers, Nguyen entered the year of 2018-2019 as a college student.  However, his college career ended up being very short lived as he ended up dropping out with a 1.2 GPA.  Although his GPA was low, it was a blessing in disguise because that is precisely what got his gears turning.

Fresh out of college and unsure of what direction to take, Nguyen stumbled across the concept of eCommerce via an ad and decided to give it a go.  It was not easy as Nguyen found himself dedicating between twelve and fourteen hours daily to bring his eCommerce vision to reality.  It was a challenge.  Nguyen saw months on end where progress was slow and seemingly at a standstill.  However, instead of throwing his hands up and calling it quits, he maintained focused and driven.  It paid off because at the end of 2019, Nguyen had his hands on his first million.  

Built Different

From that point on, the money just kept stacking up.  The following year, he was a multimillionaire having made ten million over the course of the year.  However, it was not without its share of challenges and ups and down along the way.  In fact, Nguyen ended up learning a very valuable lesson as 2020 taught him the nature of businesses that things come and go as he hit rock bottom a couple times with a lawsuit under tow but he quickly scaled back up.  

Nguyen’s success has been largely in part to his focus.  That is one of the most distinguishing factors that sets him apart from the crowd.  Instead of busying himself with time consuming activities that don’t serve any benefit in the long run, he dedicates himself to establishing his business on a consistent basis.  As he says it, he works “on the business rather than in the business.”  He also added, “I don’t play videogames, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I don’t spend time indulging in things that don’t contribute to success in business.”  

Business Mentality

Nguyen is dead set on a business mentality and that has shaped him to become not only rich but also has granted him prestige as he now stands amongst “the most reputable content creators in the eCommerce space online” as he mentioned as he was asked to narrate some of his proudest accomplishments in an interview.  He runs a YouTube channel dedicated to both documenting his journey as well as inspiring others.  His channel has gained a lot of traction and support from many has been there from the very beginning witnessing him scale up from nothing to something great. Seeing as Nguyen’s first two years have been tremendously profitable, Nguyen is determined to keep the chain going.  Standing from a ten year glance into the future, Nguyen hopes to have 300 million by then.  Only time will tell but judging from where he currently stands, that is a pretty good bet. 

To keep up with him on his journey to scaling up to 300 million and more, check out his social media handles: YouTube and Instagram.

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