Pinar & Songul of MagniSkin-Empowering Women To Be Magnificent


Many of us have heard that beauty is only skin deep. The truth is that the way we feel about our skin can profoundly impact our self-esteem and the way we present ourselves to the world. Pinar and Songul, the founders and owners of MagniSkin salon in London, understand this implicitly. They, along with their team, work both facial and body enhancement magic on their clients. The result is not just about the aesthetic. It’s about the feeling and confidence they see in the women who walk out their clinic doors after an appointment. That is what drives them forward each day and keeps them constantly producing content, marketing, and making their dreams into a reality. These two sisters are about more than just great skin. They are about empowering women to be their most magnificent selves.

Why A Skincare Spa? 

Both went Pinar and Songul went to university, and for very different paths. One to study for a career in teaching and the other to pursue a career as a project manager in the business industry. Like so many others, a few years into working in the corporate world, they both felt dissatisfied and looking for more. They decided to follow their passion for pampering and skincare and build their dream business. MagniSkin was established in the summer of 2019 and quickly became the ultimate destination for those pursuing the perfect skin in a calm and tranquil setting. The various services they offer, including body enhancement, facials, stretch mark treatments, and more, are all meant to help every woman feel fabulous and leave their spa refreshed and rejuvenated. 

What Makes MagniSkin Special?

The founders of MagniSkin built a salon that includes the latest technology available in the industry. Their team travels worldwide, offering a new era of facial and body technology and hands-on skills. They have earned a loyal following by providing the best services to their clients, performed with love and dedication. This includes influencers, reality television stars, and music artists. Their clients rave about the facials, laser hair removal, EmSculpt, and non-surgical Brazilian Booty Lift. When asked if they were going to the party of the year what three treatments they would have done, they emphatically agreed on EmSculpt, the Magnificient Facial, and Brazilian Booty Lift.

Where Can You Find MagniSkin Online?

To learn more about this fantastic spa in London or book an appointment, you can visit them at their website and see some of the incredible services they offer, as well as some transformation photos before and after their treatments. You can also access their Magni Academy from their site, where you can take courses on various topics, including dermaplaning and stretch marks. You can also check them out on Instagram at to follow along with their updates, specials, and the new and exciting changes constantly happening. MagniSkin’s content is informative, entertaining, and engaging.

When asked to describe themselves, Pinar and Songul say the words that describe them best are friendly, glamorous, and creative. It is clear that these qualities have been drivers of their success in the beauty industry. Their creativity and friendly nature have helped them build a phenomenal team and kept their clientele coming back repeatedly. Their glamour and goal of making women feel beautiful and comfortable in their skin radiates through their online presence and makes all their clients feel at ease and know that they are beautiful in their skin. These procedures just highlight their natural beauty, not mask it. MagniSkin has just really gotten started and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

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