Uniting the Persian and Jewish Communities: Boos

Arash Barmaan

What do you know about dating in the Persian and Jewish Communities? Are you a member of the Persian or Jewish community and trying to escape the strict customs set forth for your arranged marriage? Are you struggling to fit in and find someone to settle down with because your occupation or lifestyle doesn’t ‘fit in’ with the Persian or Jewish culture? Look no further, we have the dating app for you. We sat down to chat with the CEO and founder of the Persian-Jewish community dating app and here is what he had to say: 

Where can we get Boos and what is it like?

As of right now, my services are only available on the Boos IOS mobile application and on the Boos dating website. We are working on providing an Android application version as well very soon. As far as paid in-app services go, Boos will have a premium and deluxe membership known as VIP (Very Important Persian), where the user will have an enhanced variety of premium options and features to use to their best of abilities.

What makes Boos different from other dating apps?

Boos is the world’s first and only Persian Jewish dating app! Boos is unique and one of a kind. There is absolutely nothing like it ever before. There are already dating applications out there for the Persian community and the Jewish community, but Boos is the world’s first and only dating application for both the Persian-Jewish communities. 

Can anyone join Boos or do you have to be Persian or Jewish?

Boos is mainly targeted towards the demographics of the Persian-Jewish community and population, it absolutely does not exclude everyone or anybody that wants to download this app for whatever reason that may be necessary. Boos will be free to download for all users, no matter what gender, race, or ethnicity that they come from. The more people that join the Boos community, the happier and merrier we will be.

What is your ultimate goal with Boos?

My ultimate goal is to matchmake for the Persian Jewish community and bring them closer to marriage. Subsidiary industries that benefit from my services are any and all races and ethnic backgrounds that are interested in dating in the Persian Jewish community. 

How did you get into the app development world?

I originally wanted to play for the NBA but after years of realizing that will probably never happen, I began to pursue my alternate dream of being an American internet entrepreneur. 

Find out more about Arash and Boos here:

Instagram: @arash_barmaan

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