Ursula Maria in talks for new projects!

Austrian actress and performer Ursula Maria is going to play the role of “Monica” in the upcoming movie “The B3AST” by Caesar Bijou which is scheduled to showcase in theatres globally.

Ursula will play the personal assistant to the president of the United States, one of the major villains in the story and one of the determining factors for how the plot of the story unfolds.

“The B3AST” is a futuristic film that takes place in the year 2032. 

The film will be produced in collaboration with the Louisiana Film Entertainment Association (“LFEA”), an association that has nurtured a blossoming film industry in the state of Louisiana. 

“A good story is nothing without a villain and Hollywood is full of actors who are very good at being very bad on screen. Villains are as key to the success of a film as the heroes they torment. Yet if the actor behind their villain is not believable or interesting, then the conflict means nothing, and we’ve lost our audience.” so Caesar.

“For this reason, I specifically chose Ursula for the critical role of Monica based on her previous performances as a successful seductress. Ursula brings popularity as well as her looks and acting abilities, which makes her the perfect candidate to take on this pivotal role.”

The movie has also secured actors Calvin Cylk Cozart, Robert Ri’chard, WIllie Gault, Russell Hornsby and many more. 


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