Full Time Mother And Social Media Influencer – Megan Linke Shows It’s Possible

The Instagram account Li & Me In NYC is one of the fastest growing influencer accounts from the city. Upper Westside mom & animal activist Megan Linke welcomes young women and mothers all over the world to a daily authentic insight of her life. And they love it.  

If you visit Linke’s Instagram page, you can see one of her latest collaborations was with French giant Louis Vuitton. Scroll down a little further and between family and lifestyle posts, you will find perfectly styled Yves Saint Laurent, Ferragamo, and more. The collaborations every fashion influencer dreams of.

Interestingly, Linke is not a pure fashion influencer though. Showcasing an authentic mix of her passion projects and motherly duties, her blog has become a daily destination for more than just women looking for some wardrobe inspiration.

Starting with sharing photos of herself and her son Liam wearing matching t-shirts, ‘twinning’, quickly drew plenty of followers and fans to her account’s page. Today, with a quarter million people following, the fashionista and beauty blogger has been able to keep the authentic approach while expanding the range of what she shares. Whether it’s a coffee, Liam’s soccer matches, or visits at the dentist – compared to most polished profiles Megan tries to keep the filtering moderate.

An engaged animal activist, she is also taking care of her 5(!) rescue dogs, two of them being special needs dogs. Her work with animals and shelters is something that she wants to give more exposure to in the future, inspiring people to follow the honourable call.

In Touch With Her Audience, In Touch With Her Clients

Recently named amongst the Yahoo Top 10 Inspiring Influencers Of The Year, Meg’s online appearance is humble despite the glamorous collaborations. It is clear to see that behind the brand, there is a hard working individual, following her ideas and passions with courage. The online persona is approachable for her target audience, surely a reason for her continuing growth.

Within the last year Li & Me In NYC gained over 200.000 followers on her Instagram account. It will be very interesting to see where she stands in a year from now.

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