Asking The Right Questions At The Right Place & Time

Public interviews have grown into a highly entertaining form of content across social media. However, many people attempt to bring you something but fail to capture the experience. There could be a lack of personality, even appeal. That’s what Steven Franz realizes and manages to amplify the interviews!

This public interviewer knows all the right questions. He knows what the world wants to hear, and he is willing to travel the extra mile to bring it to you. Let’s look at some of his ways of doing things that distinguish him from other public interviewers: 

Steven doesn’t start just anywhere. He works to find out the best place. It’s easy to interview people on the streets that pass by you. You can ask them a question, and they might answer. The fun begins when you put drunk people in front of the camera to get the answers. And they do know how to make it fun! This aspect of Steven showcasing the wild side of people certainly has an appeal. It’s unlike any other content you will get around. 

Bold In His Approach

It takes a brave heart to interview people, one wrong question, and you can get in trouble. However, Steven maintains a certain calmness about him on the camera. He manages to help the people settle down as they give answers. It enables Stevel to ask them a bold question. These questions can be explicit and related to the sexual side of a person. But that’s not all! He even scrapes the dark side, secrets, and much more.

Connecting To Audience

More importantly, these people are not actors or people reprising in front of the came. These are actual people out on the streets and the club that you will come across. You get that sense when they start talking, and it helps in establishing a specific connection. As an audience, you can relate to these people. Their highs, lows, and experience are something you understand as you watch them. That’s what makes these interviews so appealing. You get some funny stories, experiences, even advice that helps you in the long run.

You’re Not Alone 

The immersive experience which Steven creates is genuinely mesmerizing. Perhaps more astonishing is how he effortlessly manages to look at you through the camera. It’s as if he is telling you, “You’re not alone.” or “Do you hear this?” Without uttering a single word, he can have a conversation with you, and that’s what makes him such a captivating personality. You will look at him and keep wanting more. 

Steven is currently looking to expand his content while traveling the world. He has given us some viral content, and we hope to see more of him in the future. 

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