Christopher Hughes: ‘MintWP Helped Manage Several WordPress e-Commerce Stores Amidst The Pandemic’

It’s more important than ever to migrate online during the COVID-19 pandemic…

Often, this is the only way that customers can engage with businesses right now. MintWP, founded by Christopher Hughes, has helped several businesses cope with the sudden change brought on by COVID-19 through his company MintWP.

From establishing WordPress websites from scratch to maintaining and upgrading them, Christopher and his team are masters of their trade. The pandemic resulted in a massive influx of online traffic.

Christopher added, “We helped e-commerce stores cope with the increase in traffic, and guided them on managing the situation effectively. e-commerce stores played an integral role in supplying essentials, safety gear, and other services, so we did our best to help them.”

One size fits all

Many businesses, small and large, have turned to MintWP during this pandemic to get their websites in working order. “We offer complete technical support, guidance, up-gradation, and maintenance,” said Christopher.

In addition to building websites, MintWP helps to maintain a business’s online presence. They back up data to the cloud, provide customer support, keep sites up to date, and perform regular maintenance to ensure that sites don’t have outdated plugins or old software. “This allows businesses to spend more time selling and less time trying to figure out how to navigate WordPress when they aren’t experts on the subject,” said Hughes.

The birth of RedLettuce

Christopher Hughes founded another company called Red Lettuce. It allows customers to find and install quality WordPress plugins on their sites that will work for them and help grow their businesses. “Many WordPress plugins have a bad user interface or create a bad user experience,” Christopher said. “We’re bringing a fresh look to plugins. Red Lettuce offers the same quality support that MintWP does while letting business owners work on their site. It proved useful to several business owners who were struggling amidst the pandemic.”

MintWP provided quality support and helped several businesses flourish despite COVID-19. More than anything, Christopher Hughes and the MintWP team are passionate about assisting people in keeping their businesses afloat during the pandemic. They plan to continue supporting business owners during the pandemic and beyond as they work to scale up operations.

Christopher is always on the lookout for partnerships with other entrepreneurs, especially in the WordPress niche – contact him via Facebook.

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