The World Series On His Mind – MLB Prospect Landon Bonneville

At 17 years of age, pro-baseball prospect Landon Bonneville is already securing multiple avenues. An unusual story of early determination, early results, and an incredibly positive outlook on what’s to come. 

With his career in sports all headed towards the MLB, Landon Bonneville doesn’t have much of a reason to concentrate on anything else. Still, he manages to build ventures besides the baseball field with great success.

The catcher and right hand pitcher who modelled his game after MLB pro Trevor Bauer has attracted a lot of attention on his way to the top. With three Team-USA appearances under his belt, the ace has hundreds of sponsors trying to gain the young man’s attention as early as possible. Major brands, including names such as Body Armour, have reached out and collaborated with the young man, who also seems to have a great understanding for the technology of his generation.

With over a million followers across his social media platforms, he documents his career and projects in front of a great audience. Besides the athlete life, he’s developed a passion for cleat and shoe customizations, working for prominent clients such as the ex New York Mets stars David Wright and Michael Cuddyer.

Anything we forgot? Oh, right. He is also studying sound engineering and has already been able to shadow and assist at shows for major pop artists. If Landon Bonneville ever decides to hang up the glove after a successful baseball career, at least we won’t have to worry about his future.

An inspirational drive

Quite a few different assets for a young athlete like Landon. He dedicates his drive and success to he his family, who he credits for his opportunities. But there is still a lot of space to make between being handed an opportunity and taking it. Bonneville makes sure it is covered.

An example for how far curiosity and an open mind can bring you. At the same time, whatever team he is going to play for in the future, is going to benefit massively from his motivation attitude.

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