The Remarkable Journey of Kelly Anne Manuel: Why She Is the “Good Kind of Contagious” 

Discover the Life and Career of the Prolific Writer Behind the Inspiring 31 Children’s Books that Are Resonating with Readers Worldwide 

Kelly Anne Manuel, a prolific children’s book author, has taken the literary world by storm with an astonishing collection of 31 books, each carrying a positive message for young readers. With her eternal optimism and vibrant inner child, Kelly has been called “the good kind of contagious,” crafting a unique voice that resonates deeply with children. Her captivating books are available in four distinct series: The Essentials Series, The Rainbow’s End Series, The Classics, and My Name Is Series, each offering valuable life lessons and fostering personal growth. 

An Uncommon Author with an Inspiring Journey 

Kelly Anne Manuel’s path to becoming a children’s book author was far from conventional. She didn’t initially set out to write for young readers, but she embraced the opportunity with open arms when life presented her with this unexpected path. Today, she is a self-described “uncommon author” who has found her true calling in writing stories that inspire and entertain children around the world. 

A Mother, an Artist, and a Storyteller 

In addition to her successful career as an author, Kelly Anne Manuel is also a loving mother and a talented artist. Her diverse life experiences and creative pursuits have undoubtedly contributed to the richness and depth of her storytelling. Kelly’s ability to connect with her young audience on a profound level is a testament to her innate understanding of children’s hearts and minds, which is undoubtedly influenced by her own journey as a parent. 

From Long Island to South Carolina 

Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Kelly Anne Manuel went on to earn a BA Degree in Telecommunications with a major in Marketing and a minor in Spanish from Indiana University. Her educational background not only equipped her with the skills necessary to excel in her career but also broadened her horizons and deepened her understanding of the world. Today, she resides in Fort Mill, South Carolina, with her beloved pup, Teddy Roosevelt, where she continues to create enchanting stories for children. 

Words of Wisdom from Kelly Anne Manuel 

Kelly Anne Manuel says, “The books are poetry in motion complete with a pulse and breath.” Her insights into how children read, and experience stories enrich her books. She often encourages others to express their own creativity. Her books are a catalyst for children to discover their creativity, too. The books are designed to meet children where they are in their journey. They are about permission, and helping children see the world in both an entertaining and inspiring way. 

Kelly Anne Manuel’s remarkable journey as an author, mother, and artist has led her to create a literary universe that captures the hearts and minds of children across the globe. Her astonishing collection of 31 books, spread across four captivating series, has earned her the admiration of both young readers and their parents. As an eternal optimist and a true example of the “good kind of contagious,” Kelly Anne Manuel has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the world of children’s literature, inspiring generations of young minds to explore, learn, and grow. For more information, see Kelly Anne Manuel’s latest press release.

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