All New Items in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (List)


The Legend of Zelda franchise has been a staple in the gaming industry for decades, captivating players with its captivating storylines, memorable characters, and unique gameplay mechanics.

With the release of the latest installment, Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, fans are eagerly anticipating new adventures and challenges. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at all the new items in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and how they can help you on your quest.

Items play a critical role in Tears of the Kingdom, as they provide Link with new abilities and tools to overcome challenges and obstacles. Each item has a unique function that can be used to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and unlock new areas.

For example, the Iron Boots allow Link to walk on the bottom of bodies of water and solve puzzles that involve pressure plates. The Magnetic Gloves enable Link to attract or repel metal objects, creating new paths and unlocking hidden areas. The Lantern provides light in dark areas, allowing Link to see hidden paths and secrets. These items not only enhance the gameplay experience but also keep the game fresh and exciting, as players discover new uses for items throughout their playthrough.

In addition to providing new gameplay mechanics, items also offer a sense of progression and reward for the player. As Link acquires new items and weapons, he becomes more powerful and better equipped to face tougher challenges. The player’s sense of achievement and satisfaction increases as they progress through the game and unlock new items.

This sense of reward and accomplishment incentivizes players to continue playing and exploring the game world, creating a more engaging and satisfying gaming experience. Overall, items are a crucial component of Tears of the Kingdom, enhancing the gameplay experience and providing a sense of progression and reward for the player.

Source: Walk Thru Gaming

Aerocuda EyeballMonster Part4
Aerocuda WingMonster Part4
Ancient ArowanaSeafood1
Black Bokoblin HornMonster Part17
Black Lizalfos HornMonster Part26
Blue Bokoblin HornMonster Part7
Blue Boss Bokoblin HornMonster Part16
Blue Horriblin HornMonster Part11
Blue Moblin HornMonster Part13
Bomb FlowerPlant1
Boss Bokoblin FangMonster Part6
Boss Bokoblin HornMonster Part10
Brightbloom SeedPlant1
Captain Construct I HornMonster Part5
Captain Construct II HornMonster Part15
Dark ClumpIngredient1
Deep FireflyCritter0
Fire FruitFruit1
Fire-Breath Lizalfos HornMonster Part15
Flux Construct I CoreMonster Part10
Giant Brightbloom SeedPlant1
Glowing Cave FishSeafood0
Golden AppleFruit1
Hinox HornMonster Part12
Horriblin ClawMonster Part4
Horriblin GutsMonster Part1
Horriblin HornMonster Part5
Hylian Pine ConeIngredient1
Hylian TomatoFruit1
Ice FruitFruit1
Ice Keese EyeballMonster Part4
Ice-Breath Lizalfos HornMonster Part15
Korok FrondPlant1
Large Zonai ChargeIngredient3
Large ZonaiteOre1
Like Like StoneMonster Part4
Muddle BudPlant1
Oil JarIngredient1
Shock FruitFruit1
Shock Like StoneMonster Part12
Soldier Construct HornMonster Part3
Soldier Construct II HornMonster Part8
Splash FruitFruit1
Sticky FrogCritter0
Sticky LizardCritter0
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