Position Yourself by Writing a Book With Business Growth Consultant Medhat Zaki and Financial Freedom Legend Brian Tracy

Learning the art of positioning is one of the greatest strategies for entrepreneurs to strengthen their customer loyalty and increase profitability.

It is a form of marketing that refers to how clients perceive their business and brand. As an entrepreneur, what is your unique selling proposition that your target audience remembers, making you different from your competition? 

Writing and offering guidance and solutions in your niche is one of the best but often underutilized forms of positioning that can help cement your authority in your industry.

By writing, you position yourself as an expert in your field while others learn from you. The book becomes your business card and the proof of your expertise.

Money coach and business growth consultant Medhat Zaki together with top-selling author and financial freedom legend Brian Tracy are leading a book project that seeks to incorporate the contribution of leaders in various business fields.

Succeeding in Business in any Market

Succeeding in Business in any Market is the new book by Medhat Zaki and Brian Tracy. It is a comprehensive guide to achieving and growing a successful business career. 

The two are successful in their own right in the business world, but they are leaving nothing to chance in their quest to provide practical ideas for business success and financial freedom. To add greater insights to the book, they have incorporated other movers and shakers to contribute their best views on the topic. 

The aim is to provide more value to other entrepreneurs and to offer the contributors a platform to learn from each other’s journey to success so that everyone can become more successful.

Medhat Zaki is a top-selling author, successful entrepreneur, investor, money coach, and business speaker. On the other hand, Brian Tracy has left his mark in the business world by writing more than 80 motivation, personal, and business development books. He has spent most of his life studying the life stories of the most successful people.

On top of sharing their vast experience in money matters and practical ways to build successful businesses in the book ‘Succeeding in Business in any Market,’ they seek to make it more valuable by adding ideas from others. 

Their ideal co-contributors are the best brains behind successful businesses, with valuable knowledge to pass on to other entrepreneurs and help them find their business success. 

You can apply to contribute and share your brilliant ideas to the next best-selling book project if you are a business coach, business consultant, or business storyteller. The once-in-a-lifetime chance is also open to those with specialties in 

  • Business leadership
  • Marketing and positioning
  • Conflict management
  • Change management
  • Sales psychology

How You Benefit as a Contributor

Contributors of this book have a chance to strengthen their brand by reaching the millions of entrepreneurs who are the book’s target. It will establish their authority and position them as experts in their industries. 

According to Brian Tracy, becoming an established business writer means people will pay you more when they seek your help and consultation. Also, It will open more doors, help you reach your goals and achieve success, and more people will look up to you.

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