The Dating App to End All Dating Apps: Introducing Date Jar

Bretton Key

Date Jar is so much more than just another matchmaking app.  Date Jar is here to provide a groundbreaking dating experience by actually offering date suggestions and ideas.  This app not only helps those who are single but also married couples by helping keep people together.

Just Start

When you start dating, whether in high school or later in life, it’s not going to be perfect.  The same can be said about taking up a new hobby, or in the case of Bretton Key, founder of Date Jar, starting an app and a business.  Key found a clear market need for an app that helps will all aspects of dating and not just matchmaking.  As soon as he identified that, he got to work whether conditions were perfect or not.  Creating a one-of-a-kind app was a major success and it’s clear that Date Jar is up and coming rather quickly!

Memories That Matter

Date Jar was started in November 2021 so at time of writing, we are approaching the celebrated one year anniversary of idea. The app launched a few months later in April 2022.  The app is all about creating memories while dating or in a relationship.  Memories that actually matter.  Think about a great date that you were on: we are sure it was more than just sitting at a nice dinner or watching a movie.  Life is all about creating memories and Date Jar has those ideas planned for you.  Date Jar is also collaborating with local businesses that offer fun and exciting activities that are great for couples.  These date suggestions are sure to elevate the existing relationship that you are in.

Totally Unique

There is no app or dating service out there like Date Jar: Date Jar is truly 1 of 1.  The app is available in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and is available for download right now.  Another aspect of the app is that the idea came from a transition out of a rough relationship for Bretton.  We all go through it but Bretton was able to reevaluate his past relationship and dig deep into what makes a healthy love life.  The timing was perfect as well, because so much dating and introductions occurred remotely during the pandemic.  The rest is history…Date Jar was founded after Bretton saw the potential this app and dating model could have.  When you use the app, you can immediately tell that a lot of thought was introduced into the way it works.  This is because Bretton is passionate about self-care and is very reflective.  We loved how genuine and authentic the app was, instead of just swiping left or right on pictures of people we might never meet!  Date Jar is truly a game changer and an app that is warming up the dating game in a way nothing else is.  

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