Jerx is a name to watch out for at TwitchCon San Diego this October

As Twitch Con dates near, it’s time to check out some of the most exciting names to watch out for. Held in San Diego, California, Twitch Con is a three-day event where fans, members, casual streamers, and affiliate partners come together for a fun-filled “Twitcher” gathering.

While the top 5 Twitch streamers have over 8 million hours of views, we would like to highlight an up-and-coming Twitch star that is turning heads by the minute.

New York City-based gamer and streamer, Jerx is as loved for his generosity as he is revered for his gaming skills. Primarily streaming Valorant and Fortnite, Jerx is a dashing 21-year-old gamer who has a plethora of fans, mostly due to his shocking acts of kindness.

After striking gold in the Bitcoin crash of 2020, Jerx amassed a six-figure sum in a relatively short period. Putting this wealth to good use, Jerx has been offering surprise gifts to fellow Twitch streamers. With some gifts going up to 100 Tier 1 Subs, the reaction videos of his beneficiaries are heart-warming, to say the least.

The streamers who received his kind gifts are absolutely ecstatic, with some having tears running down their cheeks. Seeing how they react to Jerx’s generosity is bound to make you want to discover Jerx, the human being.

Knowing that networking is the key to success in an environment like Twitch, Jerx quickly puts down the words of praise raised by his generosity. Citing strategic reasons as much as altruistic ones, 21-year-old Jerx seems to have a level head on his young shoulders.

His activities have caused his competitors to notice him at random in the middle of a game. Many people are ecstatic to realize that they are playing against the ‘real’ Jerx, the one they follow on Twitter and Tik Tok.

Jerx is a genuine warm-hearted human being who encourages beginners or new gamers to work on being themselves on the platform. Speaking of how some Twitch streamers generally have a followers-only or subscribers-only chat box active, Jerx discourages young gamers from going down that path.

Jerx advises having an open and welcoming tone on the site because there’s no need to avoid communicating with interested new viewers unless you are bot-spammed. This mentality amongst young Twitch streamers is fueling the platform’s slow but organic development.

Jerx is looking forward to meeting other partnered streamers and friends at Twitch Con this October as a partnered streamer. The $229 three-day flagship ticket, which includes entrance to the Twitch Con party, is a great chance to meet Jerx and other Twitch streamers. With the $129 ticket, you can visit any of the three days. With meet and greets available for all price ranges, San Diego awaits a fun-filled weekend for all.

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