Harnessing a perfect blend of experience and expertise, Shareen Adair, CEO of School of PMU, is set to take over the permanent makeup education industry, bringing along her business expertise. Even with her notable achievements, she still maintains that there’s more room for continuous learning and improvement.


With a master’s degree in Clinical Research from the University of California, San Francisco, Shareen Adair is a goal-oriented and passion-driven individual who sought to channel the knowledge from her degree to an entrepreneurial advantage. Shareen displayed a high level of determination towards pursuing her ambitions by joining Emirates to become a flight attendant, just to put resources together in order to acquire education in the United States.

Shareen has proven that anybody, irrespective of gender, can aspire to be more and that as long as you keep your head high in times of adversity, you will take off from the sky. In this display of rare courage, Shareen took a bold step away from an abusive marriage and started her own business even after being let go from her research job at the University of California. This was how she founded her company, ICandy Eye Salon, in 2010, specializing in permanent makeup and lash extensions with about 9 locations across Bay Area. 

Among the key features of her business were in-house training, which kick-started her journey to becoming an educator, and her brand, School of PMU, which focuses on the education of artists in the permanent makeup field, was born. With this passion for makeup and education, Shareen developed a knack for business, and for the past 5 years, these three aspects have been the core of her ambition. 


Having garnered over 15 years of experience in the field of PMU with a clinical background, Shareen has become an international speaker on permanent makeup corrections. Now a business coach, she has undoubtedly recorded massive achievements in her craft. 

With her business experience, marketing strategies, and vast knowledge of the industry, Shareen has set herself and her business apart from the crowd. She has sought to mentor like-minded individuals and artists by organizing Permanent Makeup Conventions to provide them with opportunities and enable them to learn from the best in the field.

A firm believer in education, Shareen advises young artists and individuals who have aspirations in her field and other endeavors never to stop learning and continuously grow their knowledge. Even with all her recorded successes, what keeps her motivated every day is the ability to learn more about her industry and craft.


Due to her unparalleled expertise and diverse know-how in the field, Shareen has worked with several celebrities for the OSCARS from 2014 to 2020 and has often been referred to other celebrities by celebrities. Some well-deserved notable achievements of hers include Honors Student Microbiology 2004, Best of Bay 2010, Best of East Bay 2011-2018, Preferred OSCAR Makeup Artist 2014-2020, Entrepreneur of East Bay 2013, amongst others.

In a bid to give back to society, Shareen hopes to start a nonprofit for abused women to rehabilitate them in the world of beauty. She holds family, freedom, and travel as core values in her life, and as an animal lover, she loves being with her dog, birds, and at her ranch during her free time to relax and unwind.

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