Scarlett Bella Is Walking NYFW For Multiple Designers

Scarlett Bella Song is all set to make a row of appearances during this week’s New York’s Fashion Week. She is also going to walk at the after-party. The model has recently announced the launch of jewelry line designed for teens by her. It holds a collaboration with Annie and Sisters. 

Scarlett is a 13 years old artist, actor, model, and entrepreneur supported by her parents on her journey to stardom. She holds achievements like being the youngest member of an award-winning hip-hop and dance academy. 

The young talent has a wide range of interests that it wouldn’t be wrong to call her a jack of all trades. As an emerging teen idol, she focuses on various aspects of teenaged life. These include fashion and accessories, movies, restaurants, traveling, skincare, and much more. The accumulation of these interests and showcasing them on social media has certainly put her in the limelight. 

The versatile artist also holds the charm of an ‘everyday girl.’ She possesses an exceptional understanding of the trends and what’s going to be popular. These qualities, with her ambition to promote kindness and collaboration among people, are helping her thrive.

The List Of Achievements 

Scarlett has been dancing since she was 3, making it a decade’s worth of experience. She has danced with Washington Football Team Cheerleaders, known as Washington Redskins Cheerleaders at the time, while she was eight years old. 

Her participation at dance conventions has led her to the National Hip-Hop Dance Company, where she created various concept videos. That’s where she learned how to dance for the camera and understand the vision of directors. She has been part of award-winning dance companies, including the International Hip-Hop dance company and contemporary company in LA. 

Her recent achievement has led her to join DV8 – The Company, in Dallas, her new hometown.

“I envision a future where I express my point of view and vision through a myriad of vehicles: acting, dancing, jewelry-designing, fashion designing, etc.”

Her versatility doesn’t slow her down in regular life. Scarlett maintains a healthy relationship with family and friends. She attends a regular school, unlike her peers, who take home school for three hours. More importantly, Scarlett finds time to practice every day and on the weekends. According to her, these are all preparing her for the challenges in the future, for adulthood when she will lead successful businesses.

Indeed, the aspiring teenaged entrepreneur already has a defined goal with an objective. She seeks to become a pop-idol, but that’s just the beginning. Her chief ambition is to create a production studio that would help and nurture future talents like her by providing them a platform. 

Scarlett has become a perfect Idol for the teenagers of the next generation. Her dedication and commitment, with a focus on values and positivity, certainly helps her stand out. More importantly, her willingness to work hard and learn in every phase of her life, while just being 13 years old, has captivated the audience. 

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