ISWH Announces LOI with Smart Decision for Cutting Edge Algorithmic Product Recommendation System

ISWH is a leading brand incubator in the liquor, CBD, and home health markets. I am pleased to announce the signing of a letter of intent (“LOI”). ISWH will participate in the Beta testing process for the new algorithm CBDSMARTDECISION.COM product recommendation system. Managed by Smart Decision, Inc. (OTCMKTS: SDEC) (“Smart Solutions”), the system is the pioneer of next-generation LED algorithms and consumer CBD ISWH CEO Terry Williams said: “We are thrilled to join this next-generation product sales And marketing tools. If you are not part of the future, then you are part of the past. The system aims to completely change the way CBD users find products that best suit their needs. We are delighted that Smart Decision has asked us to participate in this process. Management pointed out; Smart Decision Inc. is developing its algorithm for CBD.

The market is created to eliminate confusion in the consumer process, which should help reduce the profitability, consumer dissatisfaction, and abandoned shopping carts in the CBD e-commerce process.ISWH is committed to finding and using all the benefits available to gain traction as it prepares to promote the sales of its premium CBD nanoparticle product line. The company is pleased to participate in the system. Algorithmic will soon disclose the details of the new large-scale strategic partnership announced on November 13, 2019, and a comprehensive P19 CBD brand update. “As we begin to accelerate our expansion into the CBD field, we will work hard to put ISWH in the spotlight,” Williams continued. “The solution will help differentiate CBD brands. Our nano-infused products provide excellent bioavailability per unit of CBD content, indicating that the P19 brand is very suitable for algorithmic product recommendation systems.

About Smart Decision Inc.
Smart Decision Inc. has researched and is developing algorithms for the consumer and business LED Lighting and CBD markets. With their patent-pending “Smart Decision” algorithms, the confusion of selecting the right product(s), whether for LED or CBD, will be significantly reduced. Ultimately, Smart Decision Inc. believes that choosing the right product the first time dramatically cuts down on product returns and creates a positive purchasing experience.

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