Muharrem Hasani Faught His Way to the Top

Three-time world kickboxing champion (WFC), Muharrem Hasani is inspiring kids and amateurs around the work to take up kickboxing and martial arts at his new school in Switzerland, “Muki Gym GmbH”. Established in 2010, Muharrem’s new school is more than just a gym, he designed the courses to teach young fighters discipline and combine that with the technicalities of martial arts. 

Building Momentum

Muharrem picked up martial arts at the young age of 15 and has been committed to the sport ever since. In 2000 he became the Swiss junior champion and in 2002 he won the title of junior world champion in karate. A few years later in 2005 he became a professional boxer and in the 95kg weight class, became the European champion in Thai boxing. Two years later he then went on to win the title of Intercontinental Champion in Thai boxing and in 2009 he was the World Professional Kickboxing Council champion in Thai boxing. At the young age of 28 (2013), he received the title of WKF Vice-World Champion and in 2014 he won the WFC World Champion title.

Biggest Challenge

Muharrem’s biggest challenge came in 2016, the long-awaited fight for the INF World Champion title, fighting in the 95kg weight class. Muharrem has spent his entire life training for this moment and his hard work had paid off as he won his most prized title. In the same year, he also founded HB Inova AG, a construction business with buildings all over Switzerland. Despite all that he has achieved thus far, his fighting career is not over yet as he plans to get back in the ring this year. 

Staying Motivated

Muharrem pushes himself every day to be better than he was the day before. He is constantly challenging himself and hitting new goals. He lives by the motto that hard work always wins however family is also his most important motivator when it comes to staying on track and staying consistent. Muharrem couldn’t have achieved all that he has without the support of his brothers Milot Hasani, Mergim Hasani, and Mendim Hasani.

In the future, Muharrem is looking to open as many martial arts schools as possible all across Europe, particularly in Albania and Kosovo, where his kickboxing and martial arts routes originate. His goal is to teach as many children as he can how to defend themselves and the discipline that comes from martial arts. He also wants to help as many kids as he can get into the World Champions League. 

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