Jem Bourouh: A Glimpse Into the Behind the Scenes Of His Entrepreneurial Success

Jem Bourouh: A Glimpse Into the Behind the Scenes Of His Entrepreneurial Success

It’s one thing to have a business running or products to sell but without proper marketing, a business with high potential may not live long enough to see it.  One particular entrepreneur, Jem Bourouh, and his clients can attest to the exponential power of marketing.  At the ripe, young age of 23, Borough is scaling his way to the top.  He runs two businesses: Adcubator and eCom Incubator, both of which are dedicated to marketing.  Through his help and superb skill set, he has led companies to rake in big money figures.  

How it all Started

It all started in his university days back in 2017.  Bourouh was already dead set on the idea and concept of making money.  For this reason and others, he immersed himself in the pursuit of a business economics degree.  Alongside that, Bourouh was doing his own personal research on the side.  He had a burning question in mind: how to make money online.  This took him down a rabbit hole of extensive research along the worldwide web.  Among his search results were videos discussing dropshipping on the infamous video platform, YouTube.  It was something that sparked his interest to which he did end up pursuing for a while through the dropshipping platform, Shopify.  There, he acquired some of this first hands on and personal experiences with the world of eCommerce and all it entails.  From that point on, Bourouh was set and carried on a growing passion for marketing and business economics.  Some may call it love at first sight.

Fast Evolution

From that point on, Bourouh, shifted in his focus from his own eCommerce endeavors to helping build up their eCommerce platforms.  This quickly evolved to collaborating with big money brands that were bringing in over seven figure incomes.  Bourouh ended up deciding to use what money he earned from his own personal eCommerce endeavors with dropshipping to invest them back into yet another money-making endeavor: starting up his businesses.  Precisely then it was that Adcubator and eCom Incubator were born.  Adcubator revolves around a central focus on marketing while eCom Incubator is an educational based type of company.  

It’s safe to say that Bourouh’s business endeavors with Adcubator and eCom Incubator have been largely successful.  Client testimonials have cited that they have gone from no income to seven figure incomes within as little as a month’s time.  And for fans of the video platform, Tiktok, a trend that was floating around was a particular pair of leggings.  It just so happens that Bourouh was the behind the scenes action that made it go viral as it did and ultimately led to 120,000 pairs being sold!  Not only has Bourouh’s businesses been making a name for themselves through what they do for clientele but he has become one of the biggest spenders worldwide through his company.  An estimated whopping 12 million dollars are dropped each month through client advertising.  

Just the Beginning

As successful as Bourouh has come to be, he sees it as only the beginning.  One of his favorite quotes is along the lines of “comfort breeds complacency” and complacency is certainly out of the picture for Bourouh.  He is working towards an even more successful future and one that includes him generating his own unique brand with its own product line that stands out in a sea of competitors.  Apart from future financial endeavors, on a more personal and altruistic note, Bourouh feels called to give back through a variety of means: making education accessible in third world countries by building schools and establishing non-profit organizations.   It’s clear that there is a lot more to come from Bourouh’s direction.  He has accomplished so much at a young age.  Undoubtedly, the next ten years will be the dawn of a successful era in his lifetime.  To keep up with Borough and his businesses: Adcubator and eCom Incubator, follow his social media handles: Facebook, and Instagram.

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