Ross Alcock Is The Name Behind Visionary Social Media Marketing

The British marketing guru is a household name in Europe, after playing pivotal roles in the growth of a range of major brands.

Ross Alcock gained experience and notoriety succeeding alongside ‘Britain’s Best Boss’ Lee McAteer as the head of marketing for the Invasion Camp Group. His work is one of the reason the group’s brands succeeded, turning into mainstream brands with massive audiences, after starting as niche and scene catering organizations.

The two Brits and sports enthusiast gained global attention for turning the Group’s office into the world’s largest adult ball pit, with over 200 million views all over the world. In 2019, Alcock made a delightful appearance giving blunt interviews on the BBC about the state of the United Kingdom’s wrestling industry. His opinion was shared all over social media.

In 2020, Ross Alcock made the logical step, launching his own media agency. Ducking Media specializes in helping blue chip organizations and sports teams gain substantial traction in the key demographic (18-30) through social media. The specialist uses his experience and vision to increase the growth of well established organizations beyond expectations, as well as transforming niche & scene conventions into major events. 

His ability to communicate so effectively with different target groups, have gained him the reputation as the magic key to his clients’ audiences. And he will only continue his magic with Ducking Media.

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