Really Bad People.. Really Hard Times.. Really Good Music.

Really Bad People.. Really Hard Times.. Really Good Music. Really Bad People (RBP) was founded in late 2018 with members Kayoss, Tynn Dolla, Kid Codeine, and Kriz Mac in the small city of Springfield, Missouri. Since forming the group they’ve put out 2 projects and multiple remixes. Their song “Rockstar” picked up heavy traction around their local area and the world on YouTube when the video was released proving to the members that they had something special on their hands, but the small taste of success wasn’t enough for the group so they pushed forward booking show after show in any area they could find, even winning the Missouri leg of the LIVE Coast 2 Coast competition and getting the chance to go to the world championships in Miami. Opportunities didn’t slow for the group and they continued their push of LIVE shows until late March of 2022, when after performing a typical local show later that night member Kriz Mac tragically lost his life. This would be the hardest thing that RBP will have to go through on this journey, and something none of the members would of ever expected. The local scene came together to support the family and the group during this tragic time until adjustment could settle. They knew they couldn’t let their brother down so there was nothing to do but push on and finish what was started, weeks later they got the chance to meet with the distribution company “EQ” (an umbrella company of Roc Nation) in New York to talk about a distribution deal. RBP locked in their spot on EQ and went home with a much deserved push in their career. Friday June 17th “Spaceship” will release which will be the first single/video put out with their new company and the first song released since the loss of Kriz Mac. RBP is ready for what the world throws their way, they just hope the world is ready to get hit back.

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