Meet The Next Generation Of E-Com Millionaires

They see the needs and trends of their generation, as well as solutions for struggles of the older ones – young entrepreneurs like Drayson Little create the right place at the right time.

Ever considered starting your own business at a young age? Perhaps e-commerce crossed your mind pretty often? Have you thought about dropshipping, specifically Shopify dropshipping? Drayson Little did the same, but it was his empathy and feeling for the right products and services at the right time, that launched him into the next level of business.

If Drayson had followed the wants of his parents, he would have been either a doctor or a lawyer. These were the only two options his parents believed were viable job roles. The only way they thought he should get into business was if he became the next Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos. But Drayson was not swayed by this at all, and he became his own success story. 

Dropshipping means you don’t have to worry about the storing or handling of stock during the whole process of an e-commerce store. In other words, you don’t have to agonise over sorting enough space for your stock, and of course, the costs that this will require. It’s not to say that this option is for everyone, but it is worth considering. 

A good website set-up is essential as is having a range of products that customers want to purchase. But there are other key factors to consider, as Little himself points out. He says that he thinks there are three main reasons he keeps ahead of the competition. 

The first being his advertising strategy, which is a key point, as it is all very well having an excellent website, but if it isn’t being seen by anyone, that is no good, so having a marketing procedure that helps get the website out there is essential. And as mentioned, the website itself is important, if it does not function in a way that engages visitors and gives them what they want from the experience, you can’t expect to have a successful e-commerce business like Drayson! As he rightly also stresses, customer service has to be an important area to get right, and he believes he manages this to help keep ahead of his rivals.

There are, indeed, loads of e-commerce formats to launch your shop and pair with your dropshipping plans if you do decide to go down that route. Shopify was where Drayson decided to set up his stores, and it is a popular choice with many other businesses, with its easy to use features, different price plans and other helpful options that help to make a store look good without too much work. 

Ultimately, everyone has their path to success, but it is not impossible to follow in the dropshipping footsteps of Drayson Little, and who knows, it could end up resulting in your first million!

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