Keep your Creativity Flowing with Successful NYC Photographer Tristan Leyco

tristan leyco

Tristan Leyco is quickly becoming one of NYC’s most notable photographers in the implied and nude photography scene. Since deciding to pursue his passion in 2016, he has since amassed a following of over 150,000 people across all of his social media channels, and has built a great personal brand and reputation for himself.

Despite his success in the realm of photography, Leyco is also an avid musician, having been raised in quite the musical family and music holding an important place in his heart. Since a very young age he has played the piano, clarinet, joined the school band and sang in the church choir. In 2006 he picked up playing the guitar, and today is adept at producing, writing, mixing and mastering his own music.

Pursue Creativity in all Forms

His dedication to creativity and the arts must be something to do with his ‘multipotentialite’ lifestyle, meaning he doesn’t limit himself to a set interest or creative pursuit, but instead explores and works on his many passions in order to stay productive. This is an interesting work process, as it is preached by many creatives nowadays to focus your creativity in order to hone your craft. Leyco preaches the exact opposite, and hopes to one day produce an album, when the time is right. He believes the key to productivity in creative fields is to be in the right state of mind and being present and in tune with his emotions in that very moment.

Build Your Tribe

Furthermore, Leyco is a big believer that the people you surround yourself with is a massively contributing factor to your success. He prefers to surround himself with people who are on the same wavelength as him. People who uplift bits and pieces of his life, and who he can turn to when things get confusing and he needs some creative advice. Surrounding yourself with people who are also “designing a purpose-driven life” Leyco believes to have a huge effect on your productivity and the direction you’re going in.

The Power of Positivity

Whatever you do, the key is in maintaining a positive mindset and setting yourself up for success. Leyco has developed a morning routine that makes sure he is set up for the day, and consists of waking up and the first thing he looks at being the positive affirmations and mantras handwritten on his bedroom mirror. “I truly believe that this practice of self-empowerment pits out positive energy into existence that inevitably leads you to worthwhile experiences and like-minded people who share the same values as you.”

Leyco’s positive outlook of every part of his life is something to be admired. It’s common that high functioning people are perfectionists, and always believe they can and should do better. Leyco instead chooses to follow the “everything happens for a reason” mantra. When asked what he would tell his 10-year-old self right now, he answered “I’m proud of you, don’t change a thing. The accomplishments, inevitable hardships and life lessons you’re going to face will only shape you into the man you’ve unknowingly hoped to be. So, yes, continue to be your 100% unequivocal true self.”

In conclusion, studying successful NYC photographer Tristan Leyco has taught us to pursue all things creative. As long as you are working on something, you are succeeding. Also, to build an amazing support system of like-minded individuals, and most importantly, always keeping a positive outlook, and continue to be your 100% true self.

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