How To Identify an Opportunity and Crush It with Social Media Mastermind Shailen Vandeyar

shailen vandeyar

Ever had the feeling that the world of digital and social media is growing so fast, and you want to capitalize on the growth? Shailen Vandeyar is a digital media expert from Auckland, New Zealand, who has done exactly that. Having realized the massive opportunity in the online world, Vandeyar has taken it upon himself to learn all there is to know about the industry, and is now considered a wealth of knowledge and an expert.

Vandeyar is the perfect example of a ‘digital entrepreneur’. He has truly harnessed the power of social media, and optimized use of the platforms in order to harness the influence good marketing can have on a business. Vandeyar got his start in the world of online tech when in the early days while he was studying Information Systems and Marketing at the Auckland University of Technology, he started an e-commerce company. The company was called ‘GadgetsYouNeed’ and made a huge name for itself online selling quality products at an incredibly low prince. The brand grew to amazing heights through using social media as leverage, and even began to endorse and promote various Kickstarter products. Today he has grown multiple brands to sky-high levels, and has used this success to propel him headfirst into the world of social media influencing and digital marketing.

Seize The Opportunity

Since his success in the world of e-commerce, Vandeyar decided to turn to the fastest growing social media platform to try his hand, TikTok. He started his account @Laugh in 2019, which today has over 1.2 million followers and over 50 million likes. It’s not uncommon to see posts on his page with over 5 million likes, and you can tell Vandeyar has mastered the art of social media growth through quality digital media production. He strongly believes that “If you are consistent and you follow your passion you will achieve anything you set your mind on”, which is evident in his fast rise to success while gaining over a million followers in the short time span of a year.

Aim To Help, And You Will Thrive

Now 25, Vandeyar has set his mind to helping others achieve successes similar to his. He has been achieving great growth and success with his digital consultancy firm “VG Media”, a full purpose digital marketing firm who help hundreds of creators all over the world with growth and strategies to grow their following and leverage their social media influence in order to reach their business goals. He is becoming known as the branding genius behind many successful creators and brands of today. He has well and truly put Australasia back on the map in terms of influencer networks and digital media production. He believed a huge turning point in his life was “the day I managed my first content creator and helped them quit their job to continue making content full time as a creator” showing that he’s not just in it for the money, the fame or the influence, but he truly cares about his clients. “We focus on being authentic and sharing experiences. We actually care about our clients and go the extra step rather than just seeing them as basic money machines.”

We’re sure we’ll be seeing more of Vandeyar’s ventures in the years to come, as he continues to dominate the digital media marketing space.


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