How This New York City Artist Changes People’s Lives

The fascinating and inspiring story of Jonathan Gerow, a tattoo artist who transformed tragedy into his mission.

It all goes back to when Jonathan Gerow was a young boy, growing up in Rochester, NY. It was at this time that he developed a passion for art and music. He was following in the footsteps of his parents who were both lovers of art and creativity.

Jonathan self-taught his skills, learning to play the guitar as a teen and becoming an accomplished artist at school. After leaving school he became a renowned tattoo artist and currently, this talented individual even has an album out titled “Hold on Darling” by Xploding Dogs and featuring Myah Marie.

In his early twenties, Jonathan received the heavy news that his beloved mother had been diagnosed with cancer. His mum was everything to him and whilst working to establish himself as a creative artist and gain a strong following, he used every opportunity he could to spend time with her, as she received her treatment.

It was at this time when Jonathan learned about Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). “I looked at what others were doing in those days and thought the final result could be a whole lot more realistic” says Gerow. “the chemo patients that I had seen were losing their hair and some of them were devastated. This had a massive impact on me. After my Mom passed I dreamt about how I could help them and my Mom. I think it was my way of grieving for my Mom and following my passion”.

He headed to Europe to learn more about SMP and received training in Birmingham, England, where he could work with people in the field deemed “the best of the best.” After returning to the US and working with several companies, and even co-founding one, Jonathan decided to establish

Gerow explains “there are no cookie-cutter SMP patients; everybody needs a slightly different solution. There are so many variables including head shape, natural hairline, ambient room temperature, skin texture, condition and much more. My new Company listens a lot to our patients before we start the process so that a great outcome is inevitable”.

Jonathan opened a clinic that is now the single busiest in the world with over 5 technicians working full time.

So, what does the future hold for Jonathan and the SMP Industry? “I believe that sometime in the not too distant future the Scalp Micropigmentation industry will be regulated. As the customers become more educated over time they will know and recognize what a final result looks and feels like” explains Gerow “I want to play a role in helping as many folks as possible reap the benefits of this art form on our bodies. Whether it’s a patient with alopecia, pattern baldness or a chemotherapy patient who has lost his or her hair I want to help them. I want to make my children and my mom proud!

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