How Fashiom-House GITI Is Known as a Body-Positive Clothing Brand

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When it comes to the modelling industry, it has not been the most body positive nor the most inclusive. It has been in the works for what seems to be the longest time to include more realistic images in fashion advertisements rather than doctored photos or a single body type. After all, bodies come in all shapes and sizes and are not only confined to one. However, one particular fashion business owned by Christopher Chong stands out in those senses.

Christopher Chong is the head of his business, GITI Online Inc. which is an ecommerce platform that sells an array of clothing attire targeting young women in particular. A simple glance at the site is very telling because it features models of all different types of body types from slim to curvaceous and plus size. With the strides for inclusivity with his business, Chong is bringing GITI Online Inc. to the top of retailers that feature plus-size and advocate body positivity in general.

Chong first started GITI in 2003 as a small retail shop within Oaks Mall in Gainseville, FL. However, with the digital demands of the modern day, he eventually shifted GITI to the digital world of ecommerce where he launched a website which hence led to GITI becoming “GITI Online Inc.”. From the get-go, GITI Online Inc. started to slowly gain momentum. At first, GITI Online Inc. was only getting a couple orders as little as 1-3 per week. But steadily, the small quantity of orders scaled up to thousands per week which greatly served in growing GITI as a brand name and making it one of the hottest shopping brand names and outlets in Florida. As the company grew, it was no longer only Chong behind it all but a demand for employees became increasingly crucial and prevalent to handle the weight of the business so Chong set to hire a team to continue to make his mission of providing stylish clothing choices for young women to freely express themselves in ways that made them feel most confident.

With the tremendous growth that GITI Online Inc. experienced, Chong saw a demand for plus-size clothing options which he readily met by supplying an ample supply and variety of each of the clothing types featured on the site ranging from tops, bottoms, sets, rompers, swimwear and the like. Not only does the website feature the plus-size clothing selections but it features plus-size models and not to mention all types of body types be it slim or curvaceous and more on the site in an effort to be inclusive and normalize the differences in body types.

GITI Online Inc. is the breath of fresh air that has been needed for so long. Whereas other platforms feature only one type of body type which is usually characterized by a tall height, long legs, and slim figure, GITI makes an effort to include a diversity of body types. Across GITI Online Inc.’s social media platforms such as YouTube in particular, there are videos that feature women of different body types in a side by side comparison modelling the clothing to exemplify that the clothing is for every woman and can look good on any size or figure.

GITI Online Inc.’s strides in being body positive and inclusive and diverse have steadily brought them to the top of a chain of retailers that incorporate plus size clothing. Although it’s been a long time coming, it is just the beginning. To keep up with upcoming fashion launches, follow GITI Online Inc.’s social media handles: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and GITI’s very own website.

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