Jeff Lopes’ Coaching Program Helps Dads Create Stability

Jeff Lopes

Jeff Lopes began early as an entrepreneur at the age of seventeen. He always wanted to work for himself and worked hard to corporations like Kimurawear a global brand that designs and manufactures boxing and martial art equipment and TrueBlue Homes a Portfolio of vacation rentals across Northern Ontario, Canada.

In early 2008, Lopes family endured a significant life event that changed his perspective forever. He wanted to create time and enough money to make memories with his family from that point forward.

Through the development of several seven and eight-figure companies, Lopes has achieved extraordinary success as an entrepreneur. All of his companies started from the ground up and have been able to demonstrate massive profitability. He now has twenty-five years of experience in his career and has two kids. At heart, Lopes is a family man and enjoys having the time to spend with them. Despite being busy making podcasts, writing books, and coaching others to create the same results that he has, his main focus is on his coaching program, Man’s Purpose.

Man’s Purpose is an online coaching group available to men who are family men and businessmen. The online group’s goal is to help mentor the men to find their purpose, as Jeff Lopes did in his own life over the years. There are various resources from related course content, live group training, Q-and-A sessions for the club, and a platform where the men can connect and support each other. The emphasis is on finding balance in their lives and creating a brotherhood of other entrepreneurs who are all working towards the same goals.

Man’s Purpose members complete weekly assignments that Lopes reviews to help keep them on track and improve incrementally. There is even a private Facebook group for the training program members to connect off the original platform. Reflection is also a large part of the course, allowing Jeff Lopes’ clients to self-assess how far they have come, their goals, and if the program has improved their lives in the ways they desired. Most of his clients can agree that Man’s Purpose has shifted their lives for the better.

Participants have the option to pay either monthly or yearly. For $47 per month, members of the group receive several unique benefits that will help launch them closer to their entrepreneurial father goals. For those that sign up for the $477 yearly payment for twelve months of the program membership, they will also receive a free t-shirt and a signed Entrepreneur Dad book, another one of Jeff Lopes’ projects that helps fathers achieve balance in their lives. The program has fantastic value for such an affordable price.

If you’re unsure if the program is for you, Jeff Lopes invites everyone interested to schedule a call to learn more and discuss how the program might help you. It is an excellent opportunity to learn more and also ask important questions. Additionally, you also have the rare opportunity to connect with Jeff Lopes, who has achieved massive success in his own life. Anyone would be lucky to have the chance to be mentored by someone as experienced and successful as Jeff Lopes.

For aspiring entrepreneurs who might not be ready for the investment that Man’s Purpose requires, there are other options to keep you connected with Jeff Lopes. He airs a podcast every week called “Jeff Knows Inc.,” which is available to listen here. He is also on Instagram and Facebook.

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