“YourownMusic” The Future of Marketing

“YourOwnMusic” has been helping independent artists get their music viewed and heard. In the beginning this promotional company was only available to an exclusive few, but as time went on and new music became so much more accessible to listeners, CEO Jake Shaw decided it was time to go public and present his brand and opportunity to everyone. “YourOwnMusic” has helped thousands of artists reach millions of streams, notice and has also helped many artists get featured in articles on popular websites that contribute to huge fanbase growth. “YourOwnMusic” continues to search for more avenues to help artists get their music noticed. With talks of a record label launch in the near future, it’s clear this company has their eyes focused on growth and the growth of indie musicians.

This is something ALL musicians need to look into. There are so many sites that offer views/streams/numbers/ for a payment. But most of it is just bots and no real human interaction is included. “YourOwnMusic” differs in this aspect as they have spent years building a loyal association of both artists and fans alike. Many come just to see what’s new. And that’s what makes this one of the best opportunities for independent musicians of all genres. “YourOwnMusic” is a legit platform for all artists.

To find out more of what “YourOwnMusic” has to offer, contact them on twitter.

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