Naor Yazdan’s Journey from Skinny Kid to Fitness Model

naor yazdan

Naor Yazdan is one of the most famous social media fitness models on the planet, and it did not happen overnight. Throughout his journey, several moments challenged Yazdan, pushed him to his limit, and inspired others to follow his journey or seek fitness advice to help reach their goals. Yazdan shares some of the many events in his life that led him to the success he earned today and shares wisdom that he has acquired from his experiences.

His journey might surprise people because of how much he overcame becoming as successful as he is today. After an interview with Yazdan, he identified some of the most influential moments that changed him from a thin Israeli kid to one of the most significant social media fitness models around the world today.

One of the first moments that Yazdan recalls as life changing was his time serving in the Israeli military. He decided at eighteen that would change what his daily life would look like forever. He went from being a student with little fitness experience to exercising every single day. Alongside other members of the army, he would get involved in bodybuilding. What began as captain’s orders would slowly develop into a passion that would transform into a business. From that point forward, Yazdan told us that fitness was a daily part of his life and something that he was forever committed to.

Naor Yazdan would not be where he is today if he had not undergone life-saving surgery. At the age of 27, he had to undergo surgery to replace his heart valve. Not only was this dangerous and a highly significant part of his life, but it was a difficult time for his friends, family, and himself. For some time, he was unsure what his future would look like. He was unsure where his life would go and whether he would continue down the path of fitness as he desired. More than anything, he did not want to give up the success that he had earned as a fitness model and influencer on social media.  

However, he knew that it was not worth giving up, and he needed to at least give it his best shot. As he recovered, Yazdan would return to the gym, showing others that even with the challenges placed against him, he would still rise and be one of the most influential fitness figures on social media.

Besides his time in the military and his heart surgery, Yazdan also owes where he is today to his time at Wingate Academy. Here, he studied more about fitness and nutrition and became a certified personal trainer. After his own experience in the gym, it would be the decision that would launch him to have the credentials to help thousands of others just like him worldwide achieve their goals. His professional background helped him rise to the amount of success that he has earned today.

Out of these critical moments, Naor Yazdan believes more than anything that the key to success is a commitment to one’s goals. He had always done whatever he has to do to succeed, even when the odds were weighed heavily against him. If anything, his challenging times have only taught him to continue to be the hardest worker in the room, no matter what happens. Yazdan’s life is inspirational and shows that with time, anything is possible.

To follow Naor Yazdan on his journey and hear more about him personally and professionally, he is active on Instagram and Facebook.   

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