Meet Sunil Patel aka Shash – The Worldwide Renowned Concierge Plug

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Success is bred from hard work and devotion to your craft. Sunil Patel is a prime example of this. At just 16 years old he started working his way up the concierge industry ladder. Now Sunil Patel runs his own business called Shahs.

Sunil Patel’s Accomplishments

Most known for his success in the concierge industry, Sunil Patel has many accomplishments to his name. Other than his 18 years in the Concierge business, Patel has been published in over 20 top publications worldwide. Patel has also done a considerably good job as a financial business portfolio analyst; in this position, Patel has produced highly rewarding results for his clients. Patel’s opinion is highly valued even among high-ranking executives. In 2009 Patel earned his degree in Business Administration from London Business School. While in school Patel focused on issues like sustainable development, self-government, and political economy. After graduation Patel has been able to incorporate these ideas into his work. His skills have earned him many notable jobs including but not limited to working in the governor’s Office of Management and Business management in luxury cars and lifestyle accessories in the United Kingdom and New York, managing binds worth billions of dollars, and in his most recent eight-year tenure as a business analyst, he conducted research about the investments of emerging markets and international natural and medical resources. Patel has also supervised the transition of a company to a computer-based ordering system. This reduced warehouse downtime and redundancies, this alone generated over 1.5 Million in savings each year for the company.

“Be consistent in your field, consistency is key,” Stated Sunil Patel when asked if he had any advice for young entrepreneurs.

Patel and his company Shahs

After years working in the concierge industry Sunil Patel Branded himself and developed Shahs. Shahs is a groundbreaking Concierge company. Shahs provides luxury accommodations all over the world, covering areas such as London, Dubai, New York, Mykonos, Los Angeles, Monaco, and more. Shahs has two offices based in London and New York. Shahs caters to high-end clients with luxury vehicles, yachts, privately chartered jets, tickets to exclusive events, and access to the finest restaurants. Every detail of every day is taken into consideration with Shahs. Something as small as the sent used in the car you are in or the drinks provided to you during your stay are all customized to the client.

Our award-winning concierge is based on three simple principles: Being the best connected, our global contacts allow us to obtain the unobtainable. Offering a private and personal one-to-one service to our members, being fair to our clients by offering the best-priced concierge service on the market,” stated Sunil Patel.

Sunil Patel’s Future plans

Despite all his success Sunil Patel and his business still have room to grow. In the future, Patel hopes to attain more personal assets to better provide for his clients without the need for outsourcing. Growth in the concierge business is only one of the goals of Patel. As a national and international level policy advisor, Patel has made huge strides. In the future, Patel may continue his work in developing nations. So far, he has gone on two missions to Central America and Honduras. Patel plans to continue his education by going to Public Growth and Business Development, Graduate school.

No matter the path that Sunil Patel decides to take it seems success is the only possible outcome. Policy advisor, businessman, and multilevel entrepreneur. Sunil Patel is a triple threat in the business world. For more information on Sunil Patel or his, company Shahs look them up or check out their Instagram @Shahs.

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