Magical Madrid – A Walk With Daniel Valledor

Street photographer Daniel Valledor is set out to capture the stories of the real world through his camera. It isn’t the fancy, digitally enhanced editorials. Nor is it modern content creation with a staged shot that seems to be natural. If it isn’t genuine, it isn’t for Valledor.

For his quest, Daniel has filled himself with the right gear. At first, he used digital cameras, but the ease of settings, ratios, pre-sets, and most importantly, reviewing, weren’t something he wanted. The thing is, he isn’t enforcing a vision, he’s just depicting the scene for the viewer to make whatever he wants from it.

A Child Of Madrid

Perhaps Daniel’s fondness for street photography is rooted in his childhood. According to him, he visited Miami as a kid a lot. Hence, he got in touch with some brilliant photographers in the region. Similarly, he claims that Madrid has personally marked him in life. The connection Daniel feels for these locations is undoubtedly unique, as it’s well documented in his work. He’s been exploring the streets of Madrid relentlessly, capturing them for the past six years.

As a child, we see life on a different scale. The perspective is very different. However, if you take a look at his work, that point of view hasn’t faded. Some shots might seem random, but precise in depicting the story. There are too many interesting people and scenes in Madrid, and Daniel is on journey to collect them. 

Valledor’s persistent work documents changes a timeless environment.

It’s interesting to see Valledor’s photographs in a bigger context & the fact that he spends years working on documenting the city. The unique set of colour tones, black and white, and the cinematic appeal certainly make his work unique.

It’s almost like you’re a part of the streets of Madrid. It’s a mesmeric journey, giving you a momentary insight into the lives of people. 

Daniel Valledor’s work on Madrid is part of an upcoming book this year. An honest documentary of the people and emotions of one of Europe’s most culturally blessed places. 

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