Living Your Dreams Unapologetically – And Building The Mindset Behind It

2020 had a lot of negative headlines. Between them, there is a respectful amount of people who transformed its struggles into something positive. When the status quo of the past doesn’t work anymore, we are pushed out of our comfort zones. Meet Pauly Long, who helps you with the transition. 

In order to genuinely teach something, you need to learn the lesson yourself first. Pauly Long certainly has. The man, that has turned into a huge motivation and daily inspiration for thousands of his clients and followers, has come a long way to abundance. 

We’ve all been told that we’ve got it all in ourselves. All it takes to be happy, all it takes to succeed. But where exactly do we find ‘it’, how do we put the pieces of ‘it’ together and most of all, where do we go with ‘it’?

His exceptional talent and ability to help people discover their purpose and make the significant and sometimes uncomfortable changes in their lives an wholesome and enjoyable experience has catapulted Pauly Long into the top ranks of mindset and motivational coaches.

Currently limited to online sessions and conference calls, he is highly anticipating the time where he and his MineSet team can host and attend live speaking events again. 

The brand, that offers services beyond the motivational industry and goes into detailed marketing, self-marketing and funding consultation for clients that are looking for help starting their own businesses, has some serious plans for the coming years.

With MineSet Marketing launching at the end of the year, the next step will introduce a MineSet app exclusively reserved for Pauly Long’s clients. 

In a market that thrives from high competition, Pauly Long has made a name for himself extremely quickly. Celebrity-like figures in the business such as Gary Vaynerchuck and Tony Robbins are amongst the most popular faces on the internet, whether it’s their social media channels or their content on Youtube and other platforms. Long sees this high level competition as beneficial for the quality of services but points out, that MineSet separate from the rest, since they come up as a brand representing a strong community.

His unique Shift program approaches more than just certain parts of his client’s lives, but shapes spiritual, physical, mental as well as financial aspects and outlooks. 

To be successful and happy with what you have and who you are, that’s the lesson and experience Pauly Long is sharing with each of his thousands of followers.

There is no need to fit in when you’re not aiming for the average – and Pauly Long and MineSet are set to establish themselves in the top ranks of the motivational industry. 

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