How This Serial Entrepreneur Went from a Mobile Salesperson to a Luxury Gearhead – Meet Bav Majithia

bav majithia

Get to know how Bav Majithia, a UK-based entrepreneur began his humble career as a mobile salesperson to making millions of British pounds as a founder, owner, investor of multiple companies and properties.

Bav Majithia’s Early Days

Bav Majithia was born and raised in Leicester, UK. His Ugandan mother and Kenyan father were both hardworking individuals with an ambition. When Bav was only six years old, he was fortunately exposed to the core values of entrepreneurship. Determination, diligence, and perseverance. Bav’s parents bought a traditional convenience store in Wigston – a small town just south of Leicester in the UK. Having their own store meant that Bav’s parents spent all day and night working to provide security for Bav and his sister.

During the summer holidays, if Bav was not spending his holidays in Manchester with his grandparents and other family members who live there, he was present at his parents’ shop. Holidays at home or abroad were no options for Bav. He consistently helped his parents with the shop whenever he could, carrying out paper rounds and other duties that are required of him. Witnessing his parents’ hard work from a young age laid the foundations for the hard-working ethics that Bav is proud of today.

Education isn’t for Everybody

Born in 1973, Bav Majithia was part of only the second batch of students to undertake GCSEs. Although he enjoyed school, mostly for hands-on projects and socializing with friends, he wasn’t bookish in any way. He enjoyed practical learning and initially thought IT was meant for him, but after getting a C grade in IT, he quickly realized it wasn’t for him as it focused too heavily on the technical side of things.

By the time college came around, Bav Majithia was an adored social butterfly. He had plenty of friends, and a decent amount of distractions involving his part-time job and car that his dad kindly loaned him the money for, giving Bav a sense of independence. Soon enough, his distractions led him to decreased attendance in college, and hence, unsatisfactory academic performance. Bav’s experience in college only encouraged him to seek employment and earn money as he enjoyed liberation. He soon moved to London working as a mobile salesperson. Even when he earned £100 a week, Bav’s performance in the real worth certainly exceeded his studies in college! He was the best performing salesperson – great at selling, pitching, and making deals happen.

The Rise of Genuine Solutions

Bav Majithia had two promising moments in his career. When his former co-worker was in charge, the company was selling 40 phones a day with 4 drivers. Once Bav took over, 1,000 phones a day were being sold with an impressive fleet of 18 drivers and a robust courier network.

When Bav moved onto another company selling mobile phone accessories, he incredibly improved the company’s turnover from £2 million a year in revenue to £18 million! He had a natural flair for the business world.

It wasn’t long after that when Bav Majithia was approached by a former colleague to launch a new company. Bav’s trust in the business encouraged him to proceed with a 50/50 partnership while working there full-time. The company Genuine Solutions was realized.

Bav proved his usual talents in entrepreneurship as he and his co-founder Chris successfully reached copious milestones with Genuine Solutions. They did not only manage to perfect operations, but also won a wide range of recognitions and awards for the high-quality product and service they provided.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Currently, Bav Majithia is a father of two boys, and a loving husband to his wife, Louise. After 13 years of working 12-14 hours a day with Genuine Solutions, Bav knew there was more to life. He was motivated to discover new opportunities beyond the company.

After years of indisputable hard work, the entrepreneur finally indulged in his passion for cars and property, while also spending time exploring the rest of the world. In addition, Bav spends his time investing in new companies and projects to support aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their own success as he certainly did.

Check out more of Bav Majithia’s entrepreneurial journey on Instagram @bhp / @biz where he shares his passion for investment and cars!

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