The (green) construction dreams of a 25-year-old entrepreneur

“Someone said: ‘Do what you love and you won’t work a single day of your life’. I think my first passion is work, I deeply love what I do “. Since the age of 12, Nunzio Yari Cecere, born in Naples in 1994, has clear ideas about his plans for the future: he wants to become an entrepreneur, build and sell innovative homes for families. “Since I was a child I have always had a particular attraction towards cranes and construction sites, I tried to observe all the construction phases of the dozens of buildings that were raised in those years,” he says. “During my free time I followed my father who worked in the real estate sector, trying to learn all the secrets of this business”.

Between 2012 and 2013, in the midst of the economic crisis, Yari set up the Cecere Management holding and in the following months, between the university in Rome and the obsessive search for real estate transactions to be carried out, he was involved in the purchase of land for Aversa. “The banks at that time were reluctant to grant credit and so I decided to sell a family property to face the operation. In the following months, we started the process for my first real estate development and, through a solid and meticulous planning and incisive communication, we were able to sell the first apartments at the beginning of the excavations “.

Yari thus begins to acquire skills throughout the real estate supply chain. “I spent the morning mainly on the construction site observing all the phases of construction, while the afternoon I spent in the office, between my budgets and appointments with clients”.

Nunzio Yari Cecere is the founder and CEO of Cecere Management.

This is the moment when the young entrepreneur begins to study energy efficiency technologies applied to real estate complexes in large cities around the world. “Being able to do something to help the environment, families and new generations is something that stimulates me a lot”. Thus, in the construction phase, it begins to use numerous innovations that have significantly improved the quality of the first real estate developments, in terms of consumption. “In the last year we launched the Nunziare brand, which will embrace all our new eco-sustainable building projects. The first has just started and has had an extremely positive response, far exceeding our expectations ”.

Moving in the world of bricks, however, is not at all easy: “You need to have a high propensity for risk, because for every single development you can stake the future, for better or for worse. And then you need considerable management skills. We often tend to throw ourselves headlong into a deal, whether small or large, just because we are attracted to it and want to emerge, leaving out the due diligence (feasibility analysis). Unfortunately the market has no pity for anyone and does not reward the irrational. It is necessary to have a long-term vision, always thinking of families and the new generations ”.

Ambition leads Cecere to imagine the future of the company in this way: “I would like to drive our entrepreneurial group among the world capitals of luxury real estate. For me, success is when you make your dreams come true, when the thing you have worked on day and night comes true, despite people’s hostility and criticism, which I believe to be directly proportional to potential professional growth. I believe that being successful means realizing your small or big dreams, following the path you have chosen ”.

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