Elite Tier Academy Encourages Millennial Entrepreneurs To Face Their Fears And Accomplish Their Goals

The female operated business helps their students enrich their lives and brands through social media marketing.

Social media marketing can be a tough world to navigate. Whether you’re a small business owner, an actress, a yoga instructor, or a lawyer – there’s no denial that personal branding is what makes or breaks a business.

Creating a strong name for yourself can be the difference in closing a $500 deal versus a $5,000 dollar deal. It is what draws in clients, fans, and followers, and creates a monetary worth and reputation that makes a brand stand out in a competitive and oversaturated market.

Elite Tier Academy offers online courses dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, influencers, brands, and businesses find their voice and master the competitive skills needed to have a strong online presence. Aishah Mohamed and Shye Lee started the academy earlier this year, and they’ve been growing ever since. Once in a rut with jobs and careers they were unhappy with, they each make six figure incomes and are eager to help their students do the same. They’re on top of trends and adapt quickly to an ever-changing market, helping their students to understand both themselves and their target market.

They’ve seen their students close their first deals within the first week of taking their course, and some have even generated six figure incomes.The most popular of their courses is a 30 day social media mastery mentorship program. They also offer packages at affordable prices, including digital courses on brand identity, web development, and advertising. They’ve mastered every aspect of social media marketing from Instagram to Tik Tok.

The girls are teaching businesses the way to success all over the world from their base in Las Vegas.

“Consider the type of content you will be putting on Instagram…broadcasting to the world what motivates you, what’s your story, anything relatable. Humor, anything that is shareable is always going to be in your best interest,” says Lee. The duo sets out to be the mentors they wish they had, with a strong devotion to storytelling and elevating the lives and trades of their clients, no matter what line of work they’re in.

“Just think about how you can make your content shareable but relate it back to your niche,” says Aishah. They are supportive and powerful role models for young women, especially encouraging women of color.

Elite Tier Academy recently started a YouTube channel, documenting their journeys with vlogs, travel series, and social media education. Both Aishah and Shye are charismatic, strong-willed women who share their stories in a raw and real way, which is why they’re so relatable.

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