Dr. Santarvis: Top Educator Believes Education Saves Lives

Dr. Santarvis Brown is on a mission to continue making an impact in the field of education. But he also has a piece of crucial advice for those hoping to emerge in the industry. We hear about his advice and the reason why he is committed to education.

Crucial advice

Dr. Santarvis Brown (Miami Lakes, FL) – who began his journey in education in 2002 – is clearly both committed and talented.

But his reason for being so committed is an extremely powerful one. He is committed to education because he believes it saves lives.

And the top educator has a piece of valuable advice for young entrepreneurs or anybody who wants to emerge in his industry.

Dr. Santarvis tells them to know that when they enter the classroom, they might be changing and saving someone’s life.

Impressive skills

There is an abundance of skills possessed by Dr. Santarvis. They include grant management, fundraising, project management, community relations, budget management, recruitment, strategic planning, marketing, training and development, data analysis, and policy creation and analysis.

Dr. Santarvis is a passionate, multifaceted executive leader with over 15 years of documented success in providing stellar organizational leadership, delivering innovative solutions, spearheading major institutional missions and initiatives, overseeing fiscal budgets, as well as training, developing, and managing personnel within the higher education sector. 

But despite the huge amount of success he has enjoyed in the industry, he is on a mission to continue making a difference.

Future vision

In 10 years, Dr. Santarvis sees himself continuing to make a difference and leaving an impact.

Many people around the world face daily struggles with finding motivation. But that is not the case for Dr. Santarvis.

The fact that he can transform someone’s life, therefore enhancing his own, is what keeps him motivated each day.

And it is clear the reasons that are responsible for getting the determined individual to where he is today.

The main factor that led Dr. Santarvis to where he is right now is simply his passion for education.

Dr. Santarvis wants to be recognized and renowned for making a difference. His efforts to date, along with what the future is likely to hold for the talented individual, look sure to make this a reality.

Follow Dr. Santarvis on Instagram @drsantarvis, on Twitter @drsantarvis, or on Facebook at facebook.com/SantarvisBrown.

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