Back To The Roots – Hermès, Vogue And Top Model Billy Arora

The French designer giant reconnects with its heritage as Canadian ex-equestrian turned fashion model Billy Arora stars in new Vogue campaign for the magnificent new scarves collection. 

The stunning editorial was released in last month’s issue of Vogue Arabia and shows the upcoming collection of silk scarves. Hermès, despite being known for their high fashion line and incredible accessories, have their roots in luxury horse riding equipment and still provide the highest quality of equestrian boutique. 

Billy Arora, the Canadian fashion model starring in the campaign shot by Linda Leitner, had a successful past as an equestrian before she switched industries to concentrate on her career as a fashion mannequin.

As she stated in a recent Forbes Magazine interview, the job was a multitude of dreams coming full circle, with things that were hardly imaginable for her at another point in her life turning into reality.

She used to adore the Hermès riding clothing and equipment, the luxurious designs and craftsmanship was always seen and admired at all the top level horse shows she used to compete at.

Billy Arora for Vogue Arabia Hermès Special by Linda Leitner.

To be modelling for their high fashion collection while starring in Vogue Magazine feels like a personal accomplishment to the Elite model and makes a highlight in her career, that she says ‘still feels like it’s only the beginning’. 

With brands re-connecting with their initial background and the modelling industry changing due to social media, it is interesting to see brands being represented by figures that identify with the brand on a deeper level.
Whereas fast fashion brands are using micro influencers to distribute their brand image to as many people of possible, the high fashion brands should be adapting to the new platforms with a more selective approach. The quality and authenticity of the individual representing the band, is crucial for the effectivity of the campaign and separates them from the rest.

Hermès, Billy Arora & Vogue set a brilliant example for what high fashion macro influencing can look like in 2020, serving brand, outlet and individual.

It’ll be interesting to see whether this collaboration is going to be the beginning of a closer relationship or remain a once off, but we are delighted to see authenticity finding its way back into fashion.

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