Allied Energy Corporation (OTCBB: AGYP) makes the old things new

allied energy corp

Allied Energy Corporation (OTCBB: AGYP) is an energy development and production company that is growing across the United States. With forward-thinking and a strong management team with over 60 years of experience in geological sites and precious world goods (such as oil, gas, gold), they are at the helm to increase revenue and Well production. Their mission has a renewable and profitable core, “revive resources using sustainable systems, treasure people and the planet by building our company a better way with strong shareholder growth.”


Allied Energy Corp (OTCBB: AGYP) sources Wells across America to bring out the best from the grounds and plunge it back into the market. By becoming a corporation to watch, they are aligning with qualified personnel to research, seek out land and begin talks with companies in similar areas that they want to branch into. The mindset behind the drill is to use what is already there, plan the best outcome and contingencies, improve the grounds by updating it with minimal costs, and make a profit. The hope is to be as cost-efficient as possible and respectful to the Earth while maintaining a good position in a fierce petroleum market.


With permits underway, they are strategizing the best contracts to acquire oil Wells with a definitive promise. They have joint forces with the leading teams to track down the best sites for Wells. The current projects are in Texas, amassing to over 800 acres of leased land. Allied Energy Corp (OTCBB: AGYP) intend to have majority ownership in early 2021 and begin breaking ground while using high-level expertise and the latest technology to mine through what is currently there and go beyond. The region is one of the best hydrocarbon sites and should produce a rich return when the current technology is revolutionised. The sites at Palo Pinto will begin in 2021 and then a large focus will go to the Byers Heirs location as it fits nicely in their portfolio. The latter is near the completion of adding in extra drills to either double, triple or quadruple their preliminary daily production rates. Heavy crude oil is in large demand today and the sites will strengthen their asset list.


Management is already planning to go further with their partner and will consider growth and expansion as approximately 40 barrels a day (on average) will be produced. The CEO giant, George Monteith says, “Our research shows these particular reservoirs can be accessed through both vertical and horizontal drilling and should respond well to our modern re-completion techniques. As well, the partner also holds fifteen other Wells in the nearby area for us to consider for future development.”

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