2020 Sounds Exciting For South Jersey’s Music Scene

When Joey Luxx dropped his debut album ‘Space Tape, Vol.1’ earlier this year, we didn’t  really expect anything like the atmospheric sound journey coming from the Atlantic state scene. Now that we are prepared, his new single goes straight into the rotation.

The independent artist definitely caught us off guard when he released his long player this summer. Not only because this wasn’t exactly what we would have expected from the South Jersey rapper, but also because it was simply really good. An overall production that didn’t sound like a random debut album of collected previously released singles, but much more a body of work that tells a story, has a concept and a sound design.

Joey Luxx, who had given some peaks into his repertoire prior to the release on his ‘Warm Up’ EP, reveals one layer after another with each song on his album. 

Luxx’s SPACE TAPE, VOL.1 put South Jersey back on the map earlier this year.

It needs to be said that the production and beat picking is outstanding and the artist seems to have given us a clear vision of where Joey Luxx is headed in the future.

With last week’s release of his follow up single ’20/20’, the South Jersey next-up confirmed those expectations and carries on his sound into the next season of the year.

With an artist as new to the industry as Malcolm Parrish aka Joey Luxx, it is always exciting to watch the development and growth on the creative side.

Parrish, who was heading for a solid career as a professional basketball player, made a decision rather for music than against the sport last year, when he announced he would fully dedicate his time and efforts to the creative process. We’re glad he chose music and are looking forward to hear more from the charismatic young artist soon!

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