How This Serial Entrepreneur Went from a Mobile Salesperson to a Luxury Gearhead – Meet Bav Majithia

Get to know how Bav Majithia, a UK-based entrepreneur began his humble career as a mobile salesperson to making millions of British pounds as a founder, owner, investor of multiple companies and properties. Bav Majithia’s Early Days Bav Majithia was born and raised in Leicester, UK. His Ugandan mother and Kenyan father were both hardworking […]

Elite Tier Academy Encourages Millennial Entrepreneurs To Face Their Fears And Accomplish Their Goals

The female operated business helps their students enrich their lives and brands through social media marketing. Social media marketing can be a tough world to navigate. Whether you’re a small business owner, an actress, a yoga instructor, or a lawyer – there’s no denial that personal branding is what makes or breaks a business. Creating […]

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