Meet Bhaskar Ahuja: Revolutionizing Supply Chain Transparency

Finding and pursuing your passion is a rare occurrence in today’s world. But we hear from Bhaskar Ahuja who has done just that – as he shares his journey with the world.

Pursue Your Dreams

In today’s fast-paced world it is rare for individuals to truly find their passion and pursue their dreams.

Many people live a life of discontent as they give up on their vision and instead live a repetitive cycle.

Pursuing your dreams is not easy – it takes courage, determination, and focus.

But without challenging yourself to reach new levels, you will continue failing to reach your full potential.

Bhaskar Ahuja never had an issue with chasing his dreams. He set his sights on reaching his goals and has never looked back.

Startup Ventures

As a passionate entrepreneur, investor and advisor, he has been part of several startup ventures ranging from technology to brick and mortar, to e-commerce startups. 

Currently, Bhaskar is concentrating on accelerating his two primary businesses focused on food, health, wellness & fitness, leveraging top technology to bring transparency into the food & wellness ecosystem rendering the sustainable world free from any form of adulteration. This startup is called 

In addition, he founded which is a niche consulting company primarily focusing on servicing the startup ecosystem. Made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, TheStartupBros is on a mission to help startups build top-notch technology platforms that can scale. At TheStartupbros, the team takes pride in their deep expertise in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Engineering, and DevOps.

The beta product is already there in the market and is getting ready for an extensive rollout.

Role Model

Although he has already enjoyed much success in his life, in many ways the journey is just beginning for Bhaskar and there is plenty more to come in the future.

Each successful person has a role model who they look up to – and that is no different for Bhaskar.

His father has been his role model – with Bhaskar admiring the way he does his job and how he works as a true soldier in every aspect of his life. 

In addition, Bhaskar was always amazed by how Steve Jobs carried himself and has been a huge fan of his product designing and storytelling skills. Furthermore, he believes Elon Musk has been doing some inspirational work.

Bhaskar’s father always said everybody lives for themselves, you have to be special to live for others. His mantra is very simple – help ever, hurt never! 

A very powerful mantra, which people across society should take note of.

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